What to wear to a Wedding evening reception?

Dots and spots with a splash of hound!

Wearing Black and White for a wedding reception.

Today, my new blog reached a significant milestone… 50 posts!
I know it is small fry compared to some of the fabulous blogs out there BUT we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?
Even the Epic and Iconic Bloggers had 50 posts at one point.
To all you new bloggers out there, keep going and keep having fun!

Anyway, to the point of this post…
As I was scrolling through my old {ha!} posts, I realised that I had never actually shown you the other outfit I was intending to wear to the wedding we went to in August.
See the outfit I wore to dance all night HERE.
So here it is!

what to wear to wedding evening
what to wear to wedding evening
what to wear to wedding evening

I know that some people disapprove of black at a wedding, but this was an evening reception and also a young couple, so I felt appropriately dressed for their celebration.

This dress is a real delight to wear, I feel so feminine and sexy in it. It also gives me some curves, which I love.
It is a satin fabric, really substantial and well made, with a slight stretch for ease and comfort.
It also has nice little details, such as built-in fixers for bra straps.
And {the best part} it cost me…..wait for it….£4.00. Perfect!

My vintage kimono is beautiful. I just wish I could hand it to you, so you could feel the texture of the fabric and weight of it.
It is a class act.
It was a bargain too, but a £50 bargain. Still quite expensive, but a snip for the quality.
It really makes me feel special (Read the story of the day I found it, and how I styled it for a date HERE). Of course, I simply HAD to wear this butter soft Obi belt with it, again.

Oh, and I know they are meant to be a little ‘naff’ but I love these spotty tights with this spotty dress…a veritable spot-fest! Fashion is supposed to be fun, and these certainly are.

My chunky necklace came out again (see it HERE) and this cute clutch made a satisfying pattern clash. I do love a little houndstooth.
Unfortunately, the bag is useless for carrying anything.
I could squeeze in my phone and a lipstick {just} BUT nothing else.
Even a tissue popped it open.
However, it does look very cute…and husbands make excellent ‘handbags’, don’t they?!

This is a very comfortable outfit and the only reason it was ‘binned’…no that’s cruel, ‘shelved’ is a better word…is that I can not dance in these shoes.

Walk? Yes (slowly, for short distances). Stand? Yes (for a decent spell). Dance all night? Unfortunately, No!

I honestly feel that it is our duty, as a wedding guest, to get up on the dance floor and make the night go with a bang.
We owe it to the newlyweds.
There is nothing worse than a room full of miserable faces with no one dancing.
Guests sitting on the sidelines, self consciously fidgeting or making excuses not to dance (sore feet) is not an option.
So make sure you are comfortable, ladies!

So, which outfit did you prefer?

The one I wore to the wedding itself (HERE) or this one?

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

DRESSMaggy London
KIMONO: Genuine Vintage (similar {but not as fabulous!} HERE)
BAG: River Island, Charity shop find…similar HERE.
SHOES: Kurt Geiger (These are fab HERE)
TIGHTS: Primark (similar HERE)
EARRINGS: Newlook (similar HERE)
OBI BELT: Esprit (found at TkMaxx) similar HERE

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