When Hair gets Old Should you Cut your Hair Short?

when hair gets old should

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get OLD!” 

Ageing is not for the weak is it?
With age comes a whole sack-load of problems.
Everything from the relatively trivial (like saggy knees in shorts) to the serious (ill heath & bereavement.)
Life is a challenge that gets more challenging as you live it!

As Bette Davis said….

“Getting older is not for Sissies!”

when hair gets old should

One of the MANY issues facing women is the change in our hair.
Of course, in the grand scheme of things ‘hair woes’ might seem trivial.
However, if you use yours as a security blanket, or it is your ‘signature’ then changes may be hard to take.

Ageing Hair…

The obvious change in colour is the grey that develops over time, but the coloured hair strands can also change.
These changes can come in many different tones and can look amazing!

However, some people go grey in a patchy way that makes them feel frumpy.
Dying your hair is easy and affordable and there is no reason you can’t experiment and have fun with your colour.
Bold and bright can look great!

What if you don’t want to resort to chemical dyes?

Luckily there are plenty of Natural dyes on the market and there is also good old Henna.
Messy but my favourite!

Hair may thin down as you move into your 40’s (and beyond).
This thinning involves both the number of strands on your head AND the thickness of these individual strands.
The hair stands can become more difficult to style.
The hair is not as ‘stretchy’ and less easily teased into shape.
You may notice more breakage and those dreaded split ends.

The hair can feel rough and look dull and frizzy.
You may wonder what happened to your lovely shine!?

when hair gets old should

So, What can you do when Hair gets Old?

Get a good cut, and not necessarily a short one!

Short hair is commonly thought to make thinning hair appear thicker.
BUT in reality short hair can highlight thinning hair.
If your hair is cut too short then the scalp shows through the hair, which can be unflattering (unless you have a sharp undercut, of course!).
Short cuts can also show up your roots quicker.

Short hair styles are not for everyone so never feel like you have reached “an age” that requires one.

A good cut can be any length.
As long as your cut suits your personal style, anything goes!

The days of long hair being for girls, and anyone over 30 needing a short bob, are over.
Do what feels right for you and your hair.

Dying your hair can alter the texture and give you confidence but it is also pretty high maintenance.
If you are DIY-ing be careful not to over-process by loading the ends with too much colour.
Always go a shade lighter than you think you are.

If colour maintenance is not for you, a very modern (especially geometric) cut can look super-chic with grey hair.

Colour depositing shampoos and conditioner can also work wonders.
Black Malva (from Aveda) adds a fun teal-ish tint to silver grey hair.
Blue Malva brightens hair, helping to stop it looking yellow and brassy.

You could also experiment with coloured highlights/accents in any colour you wish.
Age is no barrier to a seriously funky cut!

There are many products on the market claiming to give you thicker and fuller hair.
Everything from styling tools to supplements.

A easy way to fake a little extra volume is a shampoo and conditioner.
Modern formulations can coat the hair shaft giving the illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

This set from John Frieda (c/o) is a great place to start.

What is happening to your hair as you get older?
Please share in the comments!

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