When in doubt, wear red!

Wearing red from head to toe. when in doubt wear red missoni style.

Styling bright red in Autumn/Winter.
On a dull, damp and dreich day the only thing for me to do is to wear some bright colour!
While many people automatically reach for the dark colours in autumn/winter, I instinctively reach for the more vibrant shades.
Dark days are gloomy enough.

BUT… you might be thinking:
“Light and bright colours in winter??”
“Are you crazy?!”
“You will get dirty and end up looking a mess!!”
But, those dark coats are also getting dirty.
Does dark and dirty look any less of a mess?

Anyway, modern fabrics mean you can buy something machine washable.
If you have a vintage item, invest in a clothes brush!
Or, the occasional trip to the dry cleaners.
It really is not such a big deal.

On this particular day, I was swithering between a bright orangey-red androgynous style and a full-skirted, super feminine, cream coat.
When the famous Bill Blass quote sprang to mind,
“When in doubt, wear RED”
Don’t mind if I do, Mr Blass!
I will save my cream ‘statement’ for another day.

when in doubt wear red missoni style

This coat is a full-on punch of (almost) neon orangey-red and I love it!
It has a masculine cut which looks good with trousers as well as skirts, and I must tell you about the wonderful pockets…so deep and in the perfect position.
There is something very satisfying about a ‘proper pocket’ and it is so frustrating when a pocket is wrong. Whether it is an awkward angle or the wrong depth, it can be so disappointing.

Am I the only pocket-geek out there?
Please let me know if you agree!

when in doubt wear red missoni style

It was pretty chilly today (and damp) so this burgundy scarf and fur-lined leather gloves were a must!
I was going to grab my red bag (see it HERE and HERE) but this pop of cheerful blue seemed a more interesting choice.
Adding a little fun!
I have searched and searched for something similar but I am struggling….this one is fun…but pricey. This one is just silly and tongue in cheek!
See my bag HERE and HERE.

when in doubt wear red missoni style

This dress is very old.
I actually gave it away to a friend years ago.
She has a curvy figure, which gave this dress a bit more vaa vaa voom.
But, when I was at her house recently, I saw it hanging up looking unworn (but still fab) and I asked if I could borrow it back.
A little bit cheeky, but she knows it will be returned…probably with a bag full of other things too!

The dress is a soft knit and incredibly comfortable to wear.
{I should mention that the sleeves need a careful wrapping to get them into the a coat, without bunching}.
I love the mix of colours and I could have picked out many shades.
I was going to contrast the dress, with teal, but more and more red items just kept falling into my hands!
I could not help myself.

Red is the perfect colour to wear if you want to give the impression being confident and self-assured.

Even if you are faking it!

Red is energising, uplifting, warm, positive and stimulating.
The perfect confidence booster.
A brilliant mood booster.
You could conquer the world in a red dress!
{Don’t forget that red is also a very sexy colour ;oD}

Sticking to the red palette, I added a red roll neck undertop, dark red tights, burgundy wool knee socks and my very old (favourite) boots…see them here, styled with white.

A subtle touch of leopard, in the form of a skinny belt, stopped me looking too much like an ironing board and gave this dress a little shape.

This cute red beret and a orangey-red lipstick finished things off perfectly!

Are you going to be wearing colour this Winter?

What is your favourite?

Please let me know in the comments…or tweet me a picture of your winter coat @samantha4blair.

when in doubt wear red missoni style

Coat: Hearts & Hands @ASOS…I customised mine. (this one is fab!)
Scarf: Jack Wills (similar)
Gloves: Gift from a friend….cosy rabbit fur lining (similar)
Boots: Caterpillar (old)…these are nice.
Beret: Old (similar one)
Dress: Matalan (very old). This one is beautiful….this one is cool too, and you wouldn’t need the roll neck underneath these!
Tights: Gipsy (these are beautiful)
Burgundy socks: Tkmaxx (similar)
Roll neck: Redoute
Bag: Tkmaxx
Earrings: Newlook
Lipstick: Maybelline

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