Why I don’t use US English in my Blog Posts

why i dont use us english in my blog posts

Much like local fashion trends, language is NOT the same everywhere, is it? why i dont use us. why i dont use us english in my blog posts

Take Scotland as an example.
If you’re not from Scotland you might think that everyone from Scotland sounds similar right?
Simply Scottish.

Well… you’d be wrong!

There are vast regional differences between different areas of Scotland.

Sometimes you can struggle to understand what they are saying even if you only live fifty miles apart!

In the town I grew up (in the North East of England) there were differences in accent (and even vocabulary) from one town to the next, and there were less than 10 miles between the towns!

Local people could tell EXACTLY where you were from as soon as you opened your mouth.

Is it the same where you live?How far do you have to travel before the accent changes or even the words used to describe certain things are different?

why i dont use us english in my blog posts

Human language is so interesting (and very complex) isn’t it?

Human language is so interesting (and very complex) isn’t it?

I’ve noticed that many UK based bloggers, YouTubers and vloggers use American English terms for things they are talking about.
(Especially when it comes to fashion.)

Even though those words are not part of their own native vocabulary.
They are not the words that person uses in real life.
They are only used for the purpose of speaking to their US English speaking audience.

And I must admit to you that I don’t like it!

I’ve got nothing against American English (or any language for that matter) and I know exactly why people do it.

A high proportion of our readers are from the US and it’s much easier to connect with someone when you use terms they are familiar with.

BUT… I just can’t write any other way than the way I speak.
I don’t like it.
It doesn’t sound like ‘me’.
It sounds false.
I won’t do it.
I CAN’T do it.
(I’ve tried in the past and failed)

So when I call trainers or sneakers (see what I did there) the Scottish word ‘gutties’ its just the way it has to be.

{If you ever feel the need for a translation of anything I write, please don’t hesitate to ask!}

This got me thinking about writing blog posts in your mother tongue as opposed to the most commonly used languages.

With translation so readily available is it better to write from the heart in your own language or stick to a more ‘popular’ language that you may be fluent in but maybe loses the subtle nuances of what you want to say?

I often use google translate to read articles written in Spanish, Russian or French but always find it never quite hits the spot.
The translations are always a bit weird and sometimes completely crazy!
Even if the translation does get it right (ish) the essence of a piece of writing can be lost.
The subtleties don’t translate so well.

Writing in English seems to be SO popular and I’m in awe of anyone who can write in more than one language.
The bloggers that write in their mother tongue then write the same post again in English leave me feeling like a dimwit.

One big disadvantage of being brought up English speaking is that the social drive to learn new languages is more at hobby level as opposed to a serious venture.
It is frustrating but I feel my language learning ship has sailed.
I find it so hard.

I can ask for a beer and a coffee in Spanish, French and Italian.

Hardly multilingual!!


why i dont use us english in my blog posts

On a more lighthearted note…
Some of the US English words are really funny when you translate them into British English, and vice versa no doubt!

For example…

If you’re in the US talking about your VEST and PANTS you’ll be in a WAISTCOAT and TROUSERS (very practical in winter) but to me, you’re standing in you’re underwear (not so practical)!

Some more fun translations…

(NOTE: I’ve used the terms ‘Scottish English’ here BUT its proper name is ‘Scots’)

How do you feel about modifying your language to communicate with others?
Does it feel okay to you?
Is it socially expected?

Are you used to doing it because your language is not spoken widely (on a global scale)?

Do you appreciate it when bloggers use YOUR language?
Do you feel frustrated when you’re reading words and phrases that aren’t part of your daily vocabulary?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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