Winter Work Outfit | Wrap Dress & Patent Ankle Boots

winter work outfit wrap dress

Wrap dresses are touted as the dress that “Looks better on a real body!” winter work outfit wrap dress & Patent Ankle Boots.
Wrap dresses are the “Perfect dress for every woman”.
Wrap dresses are the one dress style that truly flatters the female form.

Unfortunately, wrap dresses do nothing much for my body.
(and I’m pretty sure it’s as real as the next woman’s!)

Don’t get me wrong… I like a wrap dress and I love the look of them on anyone with curves.
BUT on me, I feel that a wrap dress falls flat (as a pancake)!

winter work outfit wrap dress

I know I’m not the curviest lady in the world but, there are still curves lurking around here somewhere!
I just need to pop my hip a little to show them off today!

Should my curve-enhancing wrap dress not be doing that for me?
My boobies seem to have disappeared too and I deliberately wore a padded bra.
Ah well… at least this dress doesn’t give me a paunch (small mercies).

Today I’m styling this wrap dress for work.
It’s an easy and comfortable outfit that is smart enough but still has a couple of cheeky touches to make it feel like me.

The cheekiest of these being these fab tights.
They’re the perfect solution to any problem… just let your legs do the talking.

Do you want a cake, Sam …?
How about working overtime…?

winter work outfit wrap dress

Of course, there are also layers going on here people!

{And secret thermal ones underneath for good measure.}

We’ll be needing our layers, here in Scotland, this winter.
It’s been predicted to be a cold one.
We can handle it!

Flat patent boots, a houndstooth bag and an oversized necklace finished things off nicely.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the classic wrap dress!
Friend or Foe?

Curve enhancer or bum and booby squisher?

Please let me know your thoughts on this style by leaving a comment.

YES/NO TIGHTS: c/o Zohara
HOUNDSTOOTH BAG: c/o Lotus (past season)
BOOTS:c/o Jones…

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