Working With Brands, How to Say No… politely!

working with brands how

After an interesting post by the lovely Catherine @notdressedaslamb that discussed an event that had caused a bit of a stirā€¦ or a “shitstorm” as someone called it (charming!) I started to think about bloggers working with brands.

Working with brands is something many bloggers do, and it can be great fun!
In fact, some people start blogging with the intention of working with (big) brands, making loads of money and never having to buy anything ever again.

Hmmmm…. it’s not quite that simple is it? šŸ˜›

The discussion on (and off) Catherine’s blog got me thinking about the difference between changing your style (aka: mixing things up) and wearing things you don’t actually like, just because you’re being paid to do so.

I’m a firm believer in changing your style as you see fit.
Why be stuck in a style rut, or be put in a safe little box?

However, wearing things I don’t like because I’ve been paid to do so is not something I want to do.
I don’t think you have to either, even if you’re making your living by blogging.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few brands now and have really enjoyed it.
For the most part the brands were new to me (I’d heard of them but never shopped there) and I had to look quite hard to find something that felt like my style.
I always managed it though.
Some items (like THIS maxi) just needed styled up to make it feel like ‘me’.
Other items blew my mind and I became hooked on the brandā€¦. like this dress and this cashmere wrap.

{I’ve just noticed, they’d look fabulous together!}

Nowadays many of the offers I receive I don’t accept (the majority in fact).
This may seem a little crazy, but here’s why….

Despite the fact brands offer me ‘free products’ (and even payment) I often don’t feel like I can accept.
Unfortunately, being in the “over-40” category makes people (i.e brands) assume I am wanting to buy a certain style of clothes, or shoes.
Often these styles seem frumpy, or old fashioned looking.
Despite my open mind to new brands I sometimes can’t find a single item on their site that I could work with.
The cut is not quite right.
The shoes may look dowdy and frumpy.
Often clothes don’t even come in my size!

{I haveĀ pegged a top in the past but it wasn’t from a brand….see that funny post HERE}

So instead of taking goods I don’t really like I just say a polite “No thank you”.

Usually it goes a little like this….

Dear XXX,
Thank you so much for your email and your offer of collaboration.
Unfortunately, XXX are not really my style and I don’t feel I could endorse the brand in a way that my readers would find authentic. 

I hope you do not mind my honesty, and I wish you every success with your campaign.

Kind regards,

So, when you read about an item on Fake Fabulous that comes with a little ‘c/o’ you know it’s something I actually like, which is something we can ALL do.
In fact, all of my favourite bloggers manage it, and some of them rely on their blogs to pay the bills.
Hats off to them!

Last week the fabulous trio atĀ Jodie’s Touch of StyleĀ made me smile with their OTK boots, proving that age is no barrier to having fun with fashion.
See the original postĀ HERE.

working with brands how

Now it’s your turn…..

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