12 ways to escape your shoping habit

Are you shopping a little too much? 12 ways to escape your shoping habit

Some people may laugh and joke about being a “shopaholic” or say they use shopping as “retail therapy”.
Some may think it’s a trivial, harmless and just a fun pastime.
Nothing to worry about.
What’s the big deal?

However, too much shopping can easily become a major problem.
Over-spending can not only cause financial problems but it can effect other aspects of our lives too.
Putting a strain on relationships and even effecting our mental health!
Over-shopping is no joke.

Have you ever thought how lovely it would be to feel free from the urge to chase the next big thing?

Free from the need to buy the latest trends?

To completely escape the lure of the latest miracle product?

This post might just help you achieve that goal…

12 ways to escape your shoping habit

Now is the time that I need to be straight… with you and myself.

I shop too much.

And yes, I am also full of excuses to spend money…

  • I’m a blogger, I can’t bore my readers with the same old same old… I need new content and new items to showcase.
  • If I buy that XXX I’ll look more elegant, put together and generally better.
  • At my age I need to keep up to date or I’ll look like an old frump.
  • That XXX is a forever piece, a classic that I’ll wear and wear forever.
  • This XXX needs to be saved from the charity shop.
  • That lipstick will stop me looking so tired.
  • My skin looks grey and drained… that new cream is sure to help!

Of course, all of the above is BS.

Complete Nonsense!

I’m well aware that I need to give myself a serious shake.

12 ways to escape your shoping habit

Since Autumn, last year, I’ve been making a conscious effort to shop less and it’s been working… to a point.
I’ve been avoiding the high street (even before lockdown) and deleting marketing emails.

However, I must admit that recently I’ve been slipping back into my old (bad) habits.

Checking eBay for ‘bargains’.

Buying things because they were so much cheaper than normal.
Feeling that it would have been stupid not to take advantage of the sale prices.

I’ve been shopping online.
Items are easy to order and are delivered to my door.
Did I NEED any of the things I’ve been buying?


Apart from a new collar for the dog and some things for my girls then, Nope!

I’m ashamed to admit I’ve NEEDED none of it.

Hell, yes!


From today this has to STOP.

I intend to only buy what has worn out (or run out) and I’m going to style myself from my own wardrobe.

It’s not going to be easy.

I’m an emotional spender.

I shop when I’m stressed (or sad) and there have been plenty of stresses and sadness recently.

  • Really Bad Day?

Browse online

  • Feeling Sad, flat and deflated?

Add to car

  • Heard more BAD news?

Select next day delivery.

  • Had a Big Row or major drama?

Enter those magic 3 digits….

I often justify purchases because I..

“Got them for a great discount… a real bargain!” 

or they were..

“Only in the Charity Shop”

It’s all too easy to spend without feeling like you’re even spending!

You may even feel like you’re doing good when you spend…

  • Supporting a local business.
  • Supporting a small business or a woman-owned company.
  • Supporting a charity.

On go the excuses.

The bottom line is that I need to STOP.

Websites are great at tempting us with emails and “exclusive offers”.

  • Sales
  • Discount codes
  • Freebies
  • Last Chance to buys!

It’s all dangerous.

Add in a bit of emotion or insecurity and hey presto were spending like it’s our last chance!


  • 1. BE KIND

First step… and most important of all…
Be kind to yourself.
Don’t beat yourself up about your mistakes.
Whether they’re mistakes of the past or slip-ups in the future.
You’re only human.
We all cock things up from time to time.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…
It sounds simple, don’t it?
However, it is surprisingly hard to do!

Unsubscribing from the emails from your favourite shops.
Deleting their apps.
Not receiving notifications from your favourite youtubers and influencers feels wrong, especially if you really enjoy their content

Unfollowing bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers who push new products is essential if, like me, one of your major triggers is recommendations from influencers.


There can be many different triggers that can make you feel the urge to shop.
From simple things like boredom to feeling pressure to always have something new to more serious feelings like stress, worry and sadness.


I need to reiterate this point once again as it is so important.
Online influence should be avoided no matter how hard.
Also those people in real life that encourage you to shop.
You don’t need any extra pressure or have to rely on willpower and being able to resist temptation.
It’s not worth the grief.
Influencer recommendations are a big trigger for me.

{Anything Lisa Eldridge or Trinny mentions I feel the urge to “add to cart” ASAP.}

  • 5. AUDIT

Making sure you know exactly what you have is so important.
Auditing your belongings (clothing, makeup, homewares) identifies any multiples you may have in your life and any areas you are particularly prone to spending too much on.

{Whether that’s socks, books, lipsticks or shoes.}

Doing a proper audit also highlights any GAPS.
Gaps that could be filled by items that may help you use more of your other pieces more effectively.

{Do you have a good basic neutral sweater or t-shirt? Or a decent concealer that will allow you to wear those bright lipsticks?}


Following on from the previous point.
Write your “Needs” and “Wants” on a Wishlist.
Let the list sit un-actioned for at least 3 days… a week is better.
If you still feel the items are missing and would benefit your wardrobe/life then start your research as to where to buy them.
Seek out the best deals.
Don’t be seduced by special offers.
Only buy what’s on that list.

{You need to be strict with this one!}


When you do decide to go shopping make sure the items fit the following criteria…

  • 1. Does it fit?

Does it fit your body, your life, your ethical ethos?
Does it fit into your home?
Does the colour suit you?
Does this piece suit my personal style or the style I want to achieve?

It it ‘realistic’… by that I mean doe sit fit my real life not a fantasy life I wish I had.

{No one needs 5 pairs of sparkly stilettos or 6 red lipsticks if they hardly ever go out… even if you’re always out one of each is enough!}

  • 2. Can I make at least 3 outfits (or looks) with this new piece?

The new item MUST fit in to your current wardrobe and be able to help create at least 3 different looks.
If it’s home decor it needs to fit in to a ‘space’ (or fill a gap) in your home.
Makeup and beauty products need to blend with your current routine.

{If an item requires further items in order to fit into your life is no good}

  • 3. Would I pay full ticket price?

If you’re a sucker for a sale (or discount code) ask yourself…

“Would I pay full price for this?”

If the answer is a firm “No Way!” OR a “Probably Not” then you must step away.

{It might feel excruciatingly hard but YOU CAN DO IT!}

  • 8. Try the ONE IN = ONE OUT Rule

Be hard on yourself and only allow something to enter your wardrobe/home/makeup bag if it is replacing another item.
A seriously HARD task but brutally effective.

{If you know you HAVE to let something go it’s much harder to add more}

  • 9. SAVE Up your Spoils!

Every time you’re tempted to shop, and find yourself teetering on the brink of another unnecessary purchase, transfer the money into a savings account or pop it in a jar.
Consider this money SPENT (by the old you).
Putting the money ‘away’ and pretending it’s gone is quite simple.

At the end of the month take a peek in your bank or in the jar…

Watching your money grow is a great motivator.
Saving like this may encourage you to spend more wisely or even treat yourself (or your family) to a BIG BUY.
A more considered purchase.
Something special.
Something you wouldn’t have been able to afford with your old spending habits.

  • 10. PLAN OUTFITS for the WEEK

This one is easy.
A great use of time on a Sunday afternoon (or whenever you can) that will save you so much time through the week.
Freeing up your mornings for leisurely coffee or longer in bed!

Spend some time planning your outfits for the week.
Think of everything… right down to the shoes, bag, jewellery and undies.

Either photograph the looks on your phone so you can pull the pieces together quickly, or (if your have space) allocate a rail/area in your wardrobe to keep the week’s outfits together.

Life just got easier and you just got more creative with the contents of your wardrobe.
Win Win!

  • 11. Get CREATIVE

Go online for inspiration.
Check out those bloggers who post “Ways to Wear” posts.
Or people who post “Recreate the look” outfit ideas.
Or those “Shop your closet” youtubers.

Its not my thing, but if you respond to challenges then it can be fun to follow one too.
You can create your own or look online.

{Why not try no jeans for a week challenge? Or try to wear a previously unworn item every day.}

  • 12. Follow (or Start!) a NO-BUY, LOW-BUY or LESS-BUYING challenge

I’m going to be starting this journey ‘properly’ (or in earnest) from today.
I will be sharing a weekly update/status (maybe a confession session?) with you.
Hopefully I’ll be able to share how my lack of shopping is going.

It’s going to be a completely honest account and may not be pretty!
I’m going to share the emotional struggles as well as the practicalities.

If you’d like to join me in this new venture please let me know by dropping me an email at samantha44blair@gmail (dot) com.
Or you can leave a comment below to say “Im In!”
I’d love to have you on board.

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  • NO new clothes for 3 MONTHS… could you do it?

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