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tancream review spf50 plus

Welcome to another Honest Beauty Review. tancream review spf50 plus self tan.

This time it’s the turn of a self tanner, that’s also an SPF.
Clever right?

I’m genuinely excited to share this product with you.
You may be surprised to know that initially, I didn’t like it at all!

{More on that in a moment}

When the owner of Tancream reached out to me to ask if I’d like to try her product I was initially sceptical.
{Normally emails with offers like this get a polite “No thank you.”}

However, I felt that her email was so warm and genuine that I had to have a look at the brand’s website.
I was genuinely intrigued.

I love the story behind the product and the positive message of being able to protect your skin without having to compromise on your love of a glow!

PLUS, the idea of a self tanner that actually moisturises the skin (instead of drying it out) sounded genius.
I was excited to receive the product and give it a go.

tancream review spf50 plus

My skin can be sensitive and very reactive.
(For example: I flare up when I use Clarins or Neals Yard)
So, I’m the perfect Guinea Pig.
I’m pale with freckles.
My skin is fairly thin (delicate) with a golden overtone.
I’m also very particular (read: a fuss pot) when it comes to fragrance.

{My husband says I have a nose like a bloodhound!}

So let’s get right into it….

The product itself was developed by a woman with first hand experience of skin cancer.
When she was searching for a moisturising SPF that could also satisfy her love of tanning she realised there was nothing on the market.
She saw an opportunity and Tancream was developed.

It’s a clever mix of moisturiser, SPF 50, instant tanner and a developing self tanner.
Makes you wonder what it’s not been done before.


Let’s be honest here, at first glance the price seems pretty steep.

However, when you break down what you’re actually getting for your money it works out to be great value.

You get 100 mls of product (a normal face cream is usually between 30 and 50 mls).
The product is not only a moisturiser but also an SPF and a self tanner.

Buying all 3 of these products would work out more expensive, and you’d also have the problem of application.
Not just time and effort BUT the potential for products to ball up on your face.
(I always have to remove everything when this happens to me and start again, which can be very wasteful.)

The Tancream product is designed for face and body.
So, you have the choice to use it sparingly (just on the face) or slather it on all over.

I have been doing the latter and you’ll be glad to know that a little goes a long way.


For me the packaging is just as it should be.
An airtight pump that reduces waste and prolongs the life of the cream.


The constancy of the cream is lovely.
There is just enough slip for smooth application and is has a nourishing feel.
The cream glides on easily and blends well.
The instant part of the tanner is not streaky or patchy.


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty here….

It’s time to Fess-Up!

My first impression of this cream wasn’t very favourable.
If I’m being completely honest with you, I didn’t like it.
After waxing lyrical above you may be a bit confused, and wondering why?

The truth is that I disliked the smell.

I know the packaging says that it’s without scent but for me it had a strong burnt toffee smell that really put me off.

I was so disappointed.

My thoughts were…

“Oh No!! How disappointing! This cream stinks. 

I now smell like burnt toffee and soon I’ll have that delicious self-tanner whiff of Dog Food! 

Toffee dog food? Great! “

I felt deflated.


Unlike every other tanner I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a few!) this cream goes from a burnt toffee smell to no smell.
Nothing at all.

And quickly too!

By the time I had done my hair and makeup and drank my coffee the smell had faded to a vague unidentifiable aroma.
By the time I was dressed there was nothing .
Just skin.

Most other tanners go from either a lovely coconut scent to dog food.
Or, a fresh tropical fruits scent to dog food.
Or, ‘fragrance-free’…. to, you guessed it, dog food!

We always start off full of self-tanner hope.
Delightful mango scented lotion and end up smelling like a dogs breakfast by lunchtime.

(Even the high-end brands STINK.)

Tancream on the other hand goes from that burnt toffee to nothing… just the smell of skin.

(I’ve just realised that you might actually like the initial toffee smell? Burnt toffee isn’t necessarily a bad thing!)

  • After 1 day: My skin was soft, moisturised and subtly glowing with a warm golden tone.
  • After 3 days: My skin looked tanned. For real! Not in an orange-fake-tan way but in a 2-weeks-in-the-sun way.
  • After one week: I now use it every few days to keep on top of my healthy glow!

Would I recommend this product?

I think this product is genuinely brilliant.
And I don’t often say that!

The cost might put some people off but, it seems pretty fair to me.

A moisturiser might cost me £10 to £40 for half the volume.
A face tanner is probably the same.
A facial SPF is around £15-£20.

It’s a no brainer.

I think it’s a great product and if you’re in the market for an all-in-one moisturiser, SPF and tanner in one then it’s worth a try.
I haven’t needed any foundation while using it.
(Just a little concealer on my shadows and broken veins and the usual mascara and lip.)

If you don’t get on with it on your face, for whatever reason, it’s also perfect on the body.
Like leg makeup and suncream in one!

The best bits?

  • No nasty tanning smell.
  • A natural-looking healthy glow.
  • One step instead of 3 (or 4 if you include foundation).

P.S. The gold sphere in the first image is a beautiful little lip balm that does a brilliant job of plumping up the lips in a gentle way.
The lip balm is in the shape of the old EOS lip balms (domed) and has a lovely “Summer holiday” scent.
A real treat.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the idea behind this product.

Do you layer up your moisturiser, SPF, Tanner and Makeup?
Does it work well for you or would a single step be better?

tancream review spf50 plus

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