3 Easy Ways to Hide those Extra Pounds.

3 easy ways to hide

Have you (like me) put on a few pounds over the holidays? 3 Easy Ways to Hide those Extra Pounds
It’s very easily done, isn’t it?

Even if you are not a big eater, extra inches are almost inevitable at certain times of year, especially as we get older.
Inches become much easier to lay down, and much harder to shift.

Putting on a few (or a lot of) pounds over the Christmas holiday is very common and nothing to worry about.

And, before you say…

“That’s rich coming from you…what do you know about extra inches? You’re a size 10!”

Extra weight is annoying at any size, and on a slight frame can look very unsightly and awkward.

{I’m carrying an extra 6, and my skinny jeans are cutting off the circulation!}

In my opinion, slim limbs with a flabby gut is much less attractive than rounded edges to beautiful curves.

So what can you do?

3 easy ways to hide

3 easy ways to hide extra pounds

1. Get Loose

Avoid anything tight.
Step away from stiff tailoring and structured fabrics.
Extra pounds will pull at the seams and make you look like you are about to burst free!
Your normally elegant garment will look strained making more lumps and bumps appear.

And, no you can’t tuck those extra pounds into your jeans!
I have tried.
There will be oozeage, and it isn’t pretty.

If your favourite clothes are a little tight choose something elasticated, or looser fitting.

{I’m wearing elasticated culottes here}

A more forgiving fabric (and design) will stop you feeling bad about yourself.
Clothes that skim over your trouble spots will keep the eye moving to other parts of your outfit.
Oh, and avoid anything too shapeless or baggy.
Shapeless and baggy clothes make you look, well… shapeless and baggy!
Not a great look.

2. Choose Colour and Pattern

We might have been told that black is a classic “slimming” colour, but I am not a fan of an all-black outfit.
I don’t think it makes the wearer look slimmer.
It can also be draining to the skin… and I don’t need any help with that!

However, if the main part of your outfit is the same (or a similar) colour then this can trick the eye into skimming over the troublesome spots and moving on to something more interesting.
Don’t be afraid of bold and bright colours either.
They can be very flattering.

Adding a high contrast (like the white with the navy) can pull the eye to those areas you don’t mind showing off… wrists and ankles can be good for this.

Pattern is also great for grabbing attention.

3. Cause a Distraction

Avoid adding details to areas you want to conceal.
That wide belt will not make your waist look slimmer or “hold in” your post Christmas tummy.
Keep eye-catching details away from trouble spots.

Bold shoes and a statement necklace draws the eye away from your midsection.

Drawing attention to the narrower parts of your body by wearing the contrasting colours, patterns or bold accessories there, gives the impression that everywhere else is narrower too!

3 easy ways to hide

I needed to give my 6 pound food baby some breathing space.
My trusty skinny jeans were NOT an option (ouch!) but luckily a pair of elasticated culottes came to the rescue.
Loose and comfortable.
Nothing digging in.
Job done!

This tunic is a decent weight of fabric, and was a good cover up.
It skims over my paunch as if it doesn’t exist.

Adding a white polo neck was the bright contrast I needed to keep the eye up, and away from my tummy.
Bold silver and white brogues pull the attention down from my lower half to my naturally skinny ankles.

There is nothing very much going on in the centre of my body, so the eye moves quickly away to more interesting areas of my outfit.

Do you put on a few pounds over Christmas?
Where do they sit?

How do you dress to accommodate them?
Elasticated waists?
Loose tops and knits?
Distraction tactics?

Please share in the comments, or contact me.
I love hearing from you!

TOP : TkMax…similar.
ROLL NECK: c/o Emreco…similar
NECKLACE: Oliver bonas… this one is fabulous!
CULOTTES: Matalan…similar
TIGHTS: Topshop
SHOES: Aldo…similar
BAG: Hidesign… similar

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