3 Ways to Wear Orange (or any Bold Colour)

3 ways to wear orange

What is your idea of the perfect ‘Happy’ colour?

For me, nothing makes me smile more than a splash of orange!

There are so many bold and beautiful hues to choose from but, no other colour shouts “Sunshine!” like orange.
Is there a more vibrant shade to wear?

Orange is, without a doubt, one of my favourite colours.

3 ways to wear orange

Orange is a warming colour.
It is full of positivity, and joy.
Orange is also a sociable colour, perfect for stimulating creativity and fun.
The ideal party colour!

Orange is the ideal shade to wear on a dull and dreary day.
Orange can lift your mood, and boost your confidence.

And, if confidence is lacking, orange can help you fake it!
What’s not to love about that?

3 ways to wear orange

3 Easy ways to Wear Orange (or any Bright Colour)

1. Keep it Subtle.

If you’re not 100% sure, try wearing a touch of orange as part of a pattern.
Wearing pattern is the easiest way to ease a bold colour into your wardrobe.
Using subtle shades of orange (like peach, apricot and rust) can also make it much easier to pull off.

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2. Try a bold splash over a small area.

Adding a subtle dash of orange (or any bold shade) in the form of a top, scarf or accessory can bring your outfit to life.
Teaming a bold shade with more familiar pieces and more more muted tones can also make it much easier to wear.

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A less subtle way to add small splashes is to have fun with orange arms and legs!

No, I’m not talking about dressing like an umpa lumpa!
Or, overdoing the fake tan.

Orange sleeves, or tights, can inject LOADS of fun to your look quickly and easily.
Especially if the rest of your outfit is quite muted and sombre.

{None of mine are, but you get the idea!}

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3. Throw caution to the wind and be BOLD!

If you’re feeling up for it, why not pile on the orange from head to toe?
Layering different shades of orange.
Clashing with some bold blue, or bright red.
Anything goes!
Wear your colour with pride, and have fun.

10 Great Orange Colour Combinations

Perfect partners for colour-blocking, or accessorising.

  1. Orange with Brown or Tan.
  2. Orange with Blue… whether it’s Cobalt or Navy, blue always packs a punch when teamed with Orange.
  3. Orange with Pink.
  4. Orange with Red.
  5. Orange with Aubergine or Purple… this looks especially good with some green too.
  6. Orange with Green.
  7. Orange with Red or Burgundy.
  8. Orange with Cream or White.
  9. Orange with Yellow.
  10. Orange with Teal.

What is your favourite BOLD colour?
Please share in the comments, or CONTACT ME and send me a picture!

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