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3 ways to fake festive outfit

This week is THE week that your festive sparkle dial is supposed to be turned to ‘MAX’. 3 ways to fake festive outfit.

Get your glitter on and your baubles out people!

Many workplaces are decorated and full of festive cheer.
Many homes are packed to the gunnels with fairy lights and tinsel.
Diaries are full to bursting with social events.
Family and friends to visit.
Events and parties to attend.
It’s a magical time of the year!


What if ‘festive’ is the last thing you feel?
What if you’re under the weather?
Or, Christmas is a difficult time for you?

What if you HATE Christmas jumpers, and find them tacky?
{See how to wear a Christmas jumper without looking like an idiot HERE}

What if your festive dial is barely off the ‘Frost Guard’ setting
What if you really can’t be bothered with it AT ALL!?

No one really wants to be a Christmas miser, do they?
A misery guts.
A Scrooge.
Sometimes, even though we don’t really want to, there’s nothing else to do but to suck it up and get stuck in.

So here’s how I fake that festive feel without putting in any effort at all!

3 ways to fake festive outfit

3 Ways to Fake a Festive Outfit

1. Wear Red.

Nothing says “Christmas!!” quite like red. 🎅
In fact, a red anything can give your look that instant festive fix!

2. Add some Lurex!

A sparkly anything will look festive.
It’s so easy! ✨✨
{See another Faked Festive look HERE}

3. Wear Christmas-themed Jewellery.

A simple pair of snowflake studs, or a snowman brooch, with lift your look from yawn-inducing routine to yuletide.🎄

3 ways to fake festive outfit

After being really poorly last week and still feeling a bit grotty, today’s look ticks all the boxes for me.
I’m layered up to the MAX under that sparkly jumper… love my thermals!
No digging in, pinching or squeezing.
Okay, it’s all a big cheat but who cares?
The effect is the same.

3 ways to fake festive outfit

I’m using all elements at my disposal.
Wearing red.
Wearing sparkle.
A touch of festive jewellery in the form of little holly earrings and a star pin.

Lacey tights and gorgeous red sparkly boots finish things off nicely.
{Arent these red boots gorgeous? So comfortable too!}

An easy festive, but still work appropriate, look.
Sip off the cardigan and you are ready for after-work drinks.
Easy peasy.
Just the way I like it!

Sorry to bore you to death BUT if you could spare a moment to VOTE for FAKE FABULOUS at the UK Blog Awards HERE, I would be chuffed as (ches)nuts!

RED CARDIGAN: As old as the hills!
LACE TIGHTS: c/o My Stockings
RED BOOTS: c/o Lotus
SNOW LEOPARD BAG: Charity shopped!

Last week the beautiful Amy turned my head in her fabulous tartan outfit!
I LOVE everything about it.
Festive, fun, cheeky and super-stylish!
Check out the original post HERE.

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