Mellow Yellow | Bold Spring Work Look

mellow yellow bold spring work look

I love a burst of bold colour, and where better to wear it than at work?! Mellow yellow bold spring work look.
Workwear can often be so dull and boring.
Black, navy, grey… Zzzzzz.

Injecting some colour is fun and much easier during the warmer months.
Colours seem much more acceptable in the sunshine.

Also, there is something about a smart but colourful look that says “Confident and in Control”
…Even if you’re not!
(I love a confidence cheat.)

mellow yellow bold spring work look

I’m wearing a dress from probably my favourite ‘dress’ brand… Alie Street.
If you’ve never tried any of their pieces, have a wee look at the way I’ve styled them HERE and check out their site HERE!
The fit and quality are fab.

And, before you ask, I’m not sponsored by them (I wish I was) I just love the dresses!

{I’m lucky that they kindly gifted this dress to me but I would happily buy from them anyway.}

As usual, I’m keeping things as simple as possible (what’s the point in over-fussing when it comes to workwear?) 

A dress, smart bag and classic sandals.


Are you adding MORE colour to your summer work wardrobe?
What colours do you love to wear?
Please share in the comments, or contact me HERE.

mellow yellow bold spring work look

DRESS: c/o Alie Street
NECKLACE & BAG: Charity shopped.

Last week beautiful Amy caught my eye in her gorgeous outfit.

Yellow and purple… perfection!

See her full post HERE.

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