Goodbye Winter… Hello Spring! 7 Favourite Winter Outfits 2019

7 Favourite Winter Outfits 2019

My 7 favourite Winter outfits. 7 Favourite Winter Outfits 2019.

Here in Scotland winter has gone quite easy on us this year.
We’ve only had an average amount of snow.
Not too much rain.
Plenty of crisp winter sunshine.

BUT… never say never in Scotland.
You can’t rest on your laurels.

The weather can turn on you at any moment.
It can easily snow well into spring and don’t even start on the rain… that can strike at any time.
Even when you least expect it!

Today, however, the sun is shining and there’s a feeling of optimism.
The first of March always feels like the beginning of spring to me.
{Of course, it’s not officially spring until the 20th but I’m ignoring that minor detail 😎}

So today is the perfect time to share my 7 favourite winter outfits.
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1. After Work (cold weather) Party Outfit

7 Favourite Winter Outfits 2019

This outfit was all about keeping warm on a casual night out.
I knew it was going to be a cold one but needed to look a little festive.

The skirt makes enough of a statement, especially when paired with a few sparkles and some red ankle boots.

I was layered up to the extreme and felt cosy and comfortable.

2.  Blue Shirt and Blue Toes!

7 Favourite Winter Outfits 2019

This outfit makes me happy which, for me, is 80% of the way to embracing your personal style.
Happiness in an outfit means you feel good.
If you feel good you look good.
It really is that easy.

Having said that my feet were bloomin’ freezing!
Even just running out to the taxi.

3.  Embarrassing Mum Outfit… Leopard and Leather!

7 Favourite Winter Outfits 2019

This outfit made my daughter cringe and roll her eyes!
A top result for any Mum (or dad)… it’s our job to embarrass our teens, isn’t it?

Find out more by clicking on the link HERE.

4.  Wearable Neon

7 Favourite Winter Outfits 2019

I love the burgundy jumpsuit/dungarees in this outfit.
Especially with a pop of soft neon.
You can find more Neon outfit inspiration HERE.

I loved this outfit so much, and felt so inspired by the fab40s ladies, that I’m keen to get busy with more neon looks this spring.

5.  Pink and Orange Stripes!

This outfit is my favourite of the season.
Warm, comfortable and practical but still full of personality.

Bold colours always brighten up a winter day.
I’m sure that’s the reason the sun came out!

6.  Wool Trousers and a Checked Coat

This was such a fun look to wear.
Slightly retro and just androgynous enough.

 7.  How to wear Red Shoes… one simple trick!

Red Shoes and the one simple way to wear them with ease (and, no it’s not with a pink pleather dress… that was just me!).
Click through HERE to find out how tricky red shoes are to style and the secret to wearing them without resorting to cliched combinations.

I must admit that this pink outfit is not very winter friendly, and is missing a few thermal layers.
However, it could be easily dressed down for daytime with the addition of a roll-neck or a ruffled shirt underneath.
It also feels quite spring-like and fresh, so perfect for moving forward into the new season.

What will you be wearing this spring?

What makes the perfect winter outfit for you?

What about my picks?
Do you agree with my favourite?
Please let me know!
I’d love to hear your opinion.

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