Winter Outfit Idea Long Culottes, Secret Layers, Leopard and a Cropped Top

winter outfit idea long Culottes Secret Layers

For me, Culottes are still going strong in the style stakes. winter outfit idea long Culottes Secret Layers
The fashionistas may be over them, but I’m not ready to let go just yet.

A long pair of culottes (like the ones I’m wearing today) are surprisingly practical for all weathers.

This particular long khaki pair is covering my culotte slip (of course) AND a pair of silk leggings.

I’m all about the layers in winter./

winter outfit idea long Culottes Secret Layers

This outfit is easy to wear and very comfortable.
The fabrics don’t crease so it looks smarter for longer.
I’m not a fan of the crumpled look!

{My favourite trousers are made of purple satin and are TERRIBLE for creasing. I’m a crumpled mess in no time!
I have to sit very carefully when I wear them.
See them styled HERE, with a ruffled top and HERE with a bralet.}

winter outfit idea long Culottes Secret Layers

I’m wearing a rust cropped top and a dark khaki roll neck underneath… plus a cheeky silk base layer, or two!

Don’t be fooled by the pretty winter sun.
It’s cold here today and warmth comes first for me.

I’ve pulled up my layers to show off these boots.
Before you ask, no my skin is not really bare!

I’m wearing tights here, and no-show socks inside my boots (under my tights… not a sexy look!) AND sheepskin shoe liners AND silk leggings (pulled up here).

I’m as warm as toast.

For me, this is the perfect smart/casual winter outfit!

No one would ever know that there are 6 layers on the top and 5 on the bottom… including my teddy coat (out of shot).


  • Bralet
  • Fine-knit camisole.
  • Long sleeved baselayer
  • Long sleeved roll neck
  • Cropped top
  • (Coat)

(I might even sneak a cardigan under my coat, pushing the numbers up to lucky 7!)


  • Socks/undies
  • Tights
  • Silk baselayer
  • Culotte slip
  • Culottes

What do you think about layering up like this?
Too much?
Too bulky?
Too hot and sweaty?!

(I have been known to remove a layer in the ladies room if the venue turns out to be warmer than expected)

Do you wear base layers under ‘normal’ outfits?
Would you rather shiver?!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Especially if you have any layering tips and tricks.
Please share your secrets.


TOP: Charity Shopped…


NECKLACE: John Lewis.

BAG: Vintage

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