When Legs get Old | 7 steps to Great Legs.

7 steps to Great Legs

Lets talk about legs. 7 steps to Great Legs

As someone who spent (almost) their entire life hating their legs (and thinking they were ugly and offensive) talking about legs can be a touchy subject.

I spent over 30 years of my life covering up my legs, and hiding them away.
If I did wear a skirt I used to layer up my (thick) tights and always wore long boots.
By the time I had made peace with my pins, they were well past their best.
Curses to my time wasting!

{BTW, I regularly tell my girls that their legs are long, lithe and absolutely perfect. Which, of course, they are!}

At 42, I am well aware that my legs are far from perfect.
They may be slim (I now refer to them as slim instead of skinny, or scrawny).
However, slim legs can look aged and scraggy as we get older.

Most of us (regardless of whether we have slender, athletic or curvy pins) carry some imperfections…
Odd fatty deposits with no apparent purpose or reason.
Baggy knees.
Strange lumps on the shin bone.
Scrawny, loose skin on the thighs (especially the inner thigh).
Scars (everyone, that ever played outside as a child, has at least one).
Spider veins.
Varicose veins.
Swollen ankles.
Uneven skintone.
Mottled skin (aka. corned beef legs).
Small bumps/pimples.
Dry skin.
Scaly knees.

All in all, legs can cause us a whole host of problems.

So, what can we do to improve things?

I know a fake tan can help, but I tend to go patchy and orange, so I usually avoid them. I do have a Decleor gradual tanning moisturiser, which I don’t use often enough because of the funny biscuit-like smell that all tanners seem to have (even when they claim not to).
Tights are brilliant in colder weather, and good quality sheer tights can work in the warmer months.
However, in sandals, bare legs are the only way.
{I have tried toeless tights and the loopy bit that goes through your toes is agony, and I mean AGONY!}
So, I have decided that (when the weather allows) my legs are coming out.
Lumps, bumps and baggy bits be damned!

7 steps to Great Legs

Today I decided to wear a mustard/gold dress that my blogging friend Anna had sent me from the beautiful Isles of Scilly.
When I initially opened the parcel I was surprised, and delighted.
The dress is a beautiful quality and well finished.
I knew that I would never have given this dress a second glance myself, so I was very pleased that Anna had opened my mind to something new.

{Please note: These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, when we had a warm spell and my legs could come out without the danger of losing a toe.}

7 steps to Great Legs

This is one of those dresses that needs minimal effort to make it into an outfit.
It is embellished enough not to need jewellery (although I popped on a pair of simple earrings) and choosing shoes was easy.
Light tan sandals.
Adding a jacket (it was not that warm), large shades and a scarf finished things off perfectly.
No real thought needed at all.
Just an easy, and effortless, look.

7 Ways to improve the look of your legs:

  1. Exercise. Obvious, I know, but it does help muscle tone and the structure of the underlying tissue. You don’t need to go crazy at the gym with treadmills or weights. Just take a regular brisk walk.
  2. Keep them fuzz free.  As we get older we may not be able to see those leg hairs as well as we used to. Rest assured the rest of the world CAN. Keep on top of your defuzzing. Personally, I run a razor over my legs every time I shower.
  3. Exfoliate. Use either a scrub (mixing olive oil with fine sugar and a few drops of lavender, works well) or use exfoliating gloves, or a sponge.
  4. Moisturise. Keep those pins moisturised and as smooth as they can be.
  5. Tanning products. Gradual tan, spray tans and instant tan, all work wonders at disguising those offensive marks and veins.
  6. Leg makeup. There are some great body makeups out there, if you have the time and patience to apply properly. They can transform the look of your skin.
  7. Good hosiery. Great hosiery can hide a multitude of sins, add warmth and improve confidence. If sheer tights are something you associate with old ladies, try a really good quality matte finish and wear with a smarter look. Always carry a spare pair.

Love them anyway! Don’t hate your legs and wish for perfect pins. Just look after them as best you can, and accept their limitations. Hating your body does not change the way it looks, it just ruins your enjoyment of clothes.

Over to you…
Are you worried about the look of your legs?
Do you cover them up, or get them out regardless of their flaws?
Can you share any tricks you have for for keeping your legs looking good?

Please share in the comments, or tweet me @samantha4blair

Dress: Boden (this new Boden one is nice, this one is stunning! And, this one comes in plus and petite too)
Sandals: Clarks (these are lovely)
Coat: Zara (similar….this one comes in plus sizes)
Earrings: Zara (similar)
Toe nails:Mavala

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