Styling a vintage pencil skirt with chunky boots | Short waists.

Styling a vintage pencil skirt with a short waist.

Chunky ankle boots and red lips!
I really wanted to wear my vintage pencil skirt again (last spotted here with some fab purple tights).
It is such a great fit and really warm to wear. Made with ‘proper’ old-fashioned wool.
The fabric is beautiful and the houndstooth pattern is right up my street.
I paired it with a plain black polo neck top, which was perfect for tucking in, even with my short waist.

Tucking-in, with a short waist.

A short waist can be difficult to style, especially if you want to tuck things in (like I do).
I love the look of a full skirt with a blouse, or fitted knit, tucked into it.
Oh, how I envy those long-waisted and flat stomached women out there!
Tucking in can make us short-waisters look a very odd shape… a bit like a sausage with a rubber band tied round it…and quite chunky too.
But what happens when you want to tuck?

Now, there are (of course) “rules” that tell the short-waisters:

  • Don’t tuck tops in!
  • Avoid high waists!!
  • Never wear a belt!!!

However, I am a short-waister that loves high waisted trousers, belts and tucking in tops.
Oh, and I am not a fan of rules either!

My way to trick the eye into thinking the waist is longer, is to add an open jacket (a coat or cardigan works too) in a longer length.
It is a simple trick that really works.
See it in action here (with a mini skirt), here (with a romper and a belt) and here (with a sleeveless coat).

My leather jacket seemed the obvious cover-up (sorry to drag it out again…see it here, with jeans and here, with a dress).
I just can’t seem to take it off these days!
I think it is because I know that ‘lightweight jacket’ days are numbered.
There was a definite icy blast in the air last night, and warmer coats will be needed all too soon.

This leather jacket brings pop of light and a great length for concealing my lack of torso.
Speaking of light…
The light was fading and the camera wanted to flash.
I know this is a no-no when it comes to great photography AND it seems to make my pale face extra white and almost halloween-esque! I had to laugh.

styling vintage pencil skirt

I wore a pair of velvety black opaques, as I wanted to simplify this look as much as possible.
Chunky ankle boots really saved this skirt from being frumpy….a black knee boot (like these here, worn with cobalt) would have looked a little too “mumsy” for my liking.

I finished things off with a chunky necklace and my pink clutch (last spotted here, on one of my very first posts!)

styling vintage pencil skirt
styling vintage pencil skirt

This shot was taken by my youngest daughter.
She is always so keen to help and has a great eye for fun.
I love the jaunty angle and my silly grin!

styling vintage pencil skirt

Do you have a long waist or a short one?
Do you have any tricks you use to cheat the “rules”?
Please share in the comments…. I love hearing from you.

Tights : Walford 
Skirt: Vintage (this one is beautiful)
Boots: London Rebel (these are great)
Polo neck: Newlook (I like this one)
Necklace: Charity shop (this one is cool)
Jacket: Superdry (Still for sale, here in black)
Bag: TkMaxx (this one looks great)

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