7 things that might surprise you about blogging!

When I started my blog, back in June, I really had no idea what was in store for me.

I had admired, and read, other blogs but had never really commented or interacted with them.
Having nothing valuable to say, it was better to keep quiet….wasn’t it?
I also felt that I knew absolutely nothing about blogging or computers.
This blogging business was way out of my league.

However, I was so keen to write…I love writing and had attempted many short stories but they just did not satisfy me.
I wanted to write about style, fashion and clothes.
But, how could I ?
I am not a professional fashionista, I don’t work in the fashion industry…I am a normal person, with a job and a family.
Who would care what I had to say?

Then, one day I decided to read the “Blogging tips” section at Not dressed as lamb.
I suddenly realised that this fabulous blogger was a ‘normal’ too.
Talented? Yes…but still a real person just like you and I.
It was like a lightbulb had been switched on.
If she can do it then why not me?

I did not know where to start so I followed her (and other bloggers) tips, step-by-step.
I was confused at first, but once I understood what I wanted to achieve, I realised that I could actually do it!

And it has become a bit of an obsession….

7 things that might surprise you about
Blogging takes over your life
  1. Blogging takes over your life.

I am not being over-dramatic here…it really does!
You suddenly find yourself thinking about your blog all of the time.

Work, life, housework goes on the back burner.
You spend your days making mental notes about inspirational things you see.
Research, photos, writing, editing, searching the internet for items you need to make a look work.
Reading blogs, reading magazines, commenting on blogs, interacting, answering comments, reading emails….the list goes on and is endless.

You really have to put in the hours.
More importantly….you really have to WANT to put in the hours.

7 things that might surprise you about
You will not make an easy fortune
  1. You will not make an easy fortune, blogging.

Okay, so you might make lots of money….one day…when you are an enormous success BUT it will NEVER be easy.
And, when you start out blogging… it costs you money.
You suddenly need clothes and shoes and bags…in fact everything, and now!
Unfortunately, companies are not falling over themselves to send you these things that you need for ‘free’.
In fact, even if they did, the hours you put into organising and writing posts would make you on the worst hourly rate EVER!

You will also want to buy a lot of tech.

Your computer is too slow and that is before you realise that your camera is not up to scratch….
Oh, and you want that fabulous lens to get the photographic effects you want….and all of the kit that goes along with that.

I have an enormous list of “one day”s.

7 things that might surprise you about
Blogging could make you unfit.
  1. Blogging could make you unfit.

This one seems odd BUT it is all too easy (especially for a lazybones like me) to spend hours and hours on your blog either sitting at a desk….or lying on a sofa or bed.
{That last one is me!}
It is all to easy to neglect your dog walking duties or fitness regime and go a little squishy!
You need to make extra effort to get up and about.
Sometimes I am so engrossed in my blog that I get pins and needles!
Not good.

7 things that might surprise you about
Your IRL (in real life) friends might not support your blogging venture

4.Your IRL (in real life) friends might not support your blogging venture.

I remember when I got to 1000 page views.
I was beyond excited.
And keen to share my news.
In true “bubble-bursting” style, somebody said to me,

“Well, that is just{insert your friends name here} and your Mum looking at your blog hundreds of times, isn’t it!?”

Well, actually No.
My closest IRL friend had NEVER looked at my blog.
No, really…..never!!
Until I, recently, asked her just to take a peek.
She reluctantly read my ‘About Me’ page.
And her response?
“Cool, whatever, but not really my thing.”

Your friends may not be intereseted (at all) in your blogging subject.
But, on the bright side, there are 6 billion other people on the planet, who might be!

I added this funny photograph because, if my blog were about dogs my close friend would be my biggest fan!

7 things that might surprise you about
Other blogs (in your category) are NOT your ‘competition’.
  1. Other blogs (in your category) are NOT your ‘competition’.

I half expected other bloggers, who were my demographic, to be a little bitchy and competitive.
Sometimes women IRL can be, so I assumed the blogging world would be similar.

However, it did not take me long to realise that these blogging people are naturally positive and supportive (Maybe it is one of the traits you need to be a blogger?).
And, instead of feeling like a teeny fish in a huge pond of bigger and more powerful fish, I feel like I have been given protection by the shoal.
These potential “rivals” are actually supporters and friends.

Other bloggers, blogging about the same things I love to blog about, are also readers of my blog (and vice versa).
And, If I ever have a problem or a question, I know there is a VAST amount of knowledge and experience out there.
It is a big group of like-minded, and supportive, women and I love being part of it.
Thank you ladies!

7 things that might surprise you about
You need social media to blog sucessfully.
  1. You need social media to blog sucessfully.

Ok, you don’t actually NEED social media but my goodness, it helps!

I really like Pinterest and Twitter but, I had seriously outgrown Facebook…I deleted my account earlier in the year.
I have had to reinstate it as I know it is a popular network for women my age.
(I honestly don’t like it much and don’t check it as often as I should)
Sometimes though, you just need to do what you have to do!

I am happy to say that I have discovered the joy of Instagram.
Why wasn’t I on it sooner?
It is great fun!
If you don’t have it already, I highly recommend it.

I have limited myself to 4 social networks.
I know I should do more but I just can’t find the time.
My housework is slipping and dinners need cooked, a dog needs walked and ironing needs done….oh, not to mention my bill-paying job too.
There really are not enough (blogging) hours in the day!

You will learn LOADS of things about computers and cameras.
  1. You will learn LOADS of things about computers and cameras.

This was a real eye-opener for me.
I was on the steepest learning curve of my life…and having so much fun with it!
I have learned so much, and there is still so much more to do.
Other blogs are great for tips, as well as youtube videos.
{What did we do before youtube?}

I have even learned some basic coding.
Get me…coding! Hahaha

Here is a tip for siging off a comment on my blog with a link to your site.
{You can link to a blog or a Instagram picture or a twitter account, anything you want}

The text you want to appear in the comment

Once you have typed it a few times it becomes so easy…try it… it is fab!

photography tips

If you are thinking of starting your own blog…go for it!

There is a world of help and information out there to get you started and to help you get what you want achieve out of your blogging.
Whether it is help with the look of your blog, or branding, or photography tips…It is all out there and there are some lovely bloggers more than happy to help you!

things about computers

Are you thinking of starting your own blog?
Or are you a fellow addict?
Please let me know in the comments.

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