How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and less Tired!

How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and less Tired

The feeling of permanent tiredness is a reality for many people.Whether it is due to a busy life, worries, illness, bad sleep…
Or, all of the above! How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and less Tired

Many women (and men) have too many plates to spin, and not enough hours in the day to spin them.

Then we have to contend with the unrealistic images we see in magazines and on Youtube.
Why don’t I look like that?
What’s wrong with me?!

Well guess what?
That person doesn’t look like that either!
If they are not photoshopped (in the magazines) they are over-lit and botoxed.
What chance do we have?

Should we just give up, and stop wearing makeup altogether?

Makeup (like fashion) is supposed to be uplifting, and fun.

Hell YES!

My whole face crinkles up when I smile, and I like it!
{It’s much better to have a crinkly face than a dour one

How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and less Tired

Botox and fillers would make me look smoother (and younger) but I just don’t want to.
{I also can’t afford it, but that’s beside the point!}

Luckily, I don’t mind looking crinkly and wrinkly.
A little bit grey (at the temples).
A little bit red (especially after a glass of wine).
Totally imperfect.

Why should we feel bad about not being “perfect”?

Have fun with makeup, and don’t worry about looking ‘older’.
Embrace your natural beauty and join the imperfect club…. with the rest of us!

Check out my totally imperfect video…. shot while sitting on my kitchen floor to get light from the window (how imperfect is that?!).

7 ways to make your eyes look BIGGER!

1. Don’t overdo the foundation and concealer…less is more when it comes to the eye area. You can’t paper over the cracks! Embrace them.
2. Don’t go too light with your undereye concealer… it can make you look instantly old and tired (no thanks!)
3. Remember light and/or shimmery coloured eyeshadows maximise, dark and/or matte colours minimise. Apply light colours to areas you want to look larger and darker tones to those you want to push to the background.
4. Avoid chalky mattes….they will sit in lines and make you look older and more tired (yikes!).
5. Use a nude (or gold/silver depending on your skin tone) liner in the waterline if your eyes are red-rimmed, or bloodshot.
6. Curl your lashes!
7. Layer your mascara for maximum lash impact… you can use falsies too, if they are your thing.

How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and less Tired

Do you enjoy wearing makeup?
How do you feel about ‘Perfect’ images on Youtube?
Do you admire them, or do they annoy you?

Should women over 40 still experiment with makeup?
Or, is colour for the youngsters and us oldies should stick to neutrals?
Please share your opinions in the comments.

Send me your favorite makeup looks!
I love hearing from you.

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