Are Skinny Jeans really Over? | Saddle brown & Scuba.

are skinny jeans really over saddle

Skinny jeans. are skinny jeans really over saddle.
My beloved Skinny Jean is falling out of favour with the fashion police.

Many “experts” would condemn them anyway…

  • They are totally inappropriate for most occasions…too casual, too sexy, too revealing.
  • They can be very unflattering….every lump and bump is on display. Muffin top anyone?
  • They can look a little “sad” and “desperate” on anyone over the age of 20….Ahem? Excuse me?!

AND now, they are officially out of fashion.
Skinny jeans are over!
Should the skinny jean really step aside and let the new denim shapes and styles shine?

While many people will cheer at the demise of the skinny, there are those of us who will be mourning their passing.
Skinnies have had such a long run in the fashion spotlight.
I feel like they have been around forever!

{They have, haven’t they??}

Is the skinny jean really dead in the fashion water?
I don’t mind telling you that I still love them and I am not ready to give them up.
What should I do?

Luckily, being over 40 has its advantages.
Let me explain…

Nobody expects you to be fashionable.
One of the great things about being older is that nobody expects you to be fashionable.
Yes, of course, you can be bang ‘on trend’ and sport the latest designer looks, if your budget allows.
If not, you can ‘nod’ to the trends.
But only if you want to!

{WARNING: Totally ignoring trends is a one way ticket to Frumpsville}

However, whether you want to follow fashion, or not, you are entitled to wear whatever you want!
If you have honed your personal style, and you love a certain look, then it is perfectly acceptable to be completely out of fashion… so to speak.
To make your own rules.
If you love skinny jeans but the fash-pack are telling you not to, you don’t have to listen.
You are free to do your own thing.
Age has it’s benefits.

{Okay, the list is short…but this is a good one!}

are skinny jeans really over saddle

Doing my own skinny thang!
Today I am wearing my new, saddle brown, super tight, skinnies and I don’t care if I am not in fashion.
I am feeling pretty good.
They are a great (snug) fit with a decent rise…my muffin is tucked safely away.
The best part is that they were in the clearance section of the sale.
It turns out nobody else wanted this look in their wardrobe.
Lucky me!

I teamed them with this equally “over” scuba fabric, slightly quilted, sweatshirt and an old (possibly vintage) blouse.
Not in fashion, at all…oops…naughty me!
I had to wear my autumn hero’s and these fine wool socks.
The colour combination was hard to resist!

are skinny jeans really over saddle

Do you love, or hate, Skinny Jeans?
Are there any styles you wear regularly, regardless of what the fashion police say?
Please let me know by leaving a comment.
Or you can contact me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Boots: La Redoute (similar)
Sweatshirt: H&M (I like this one)
Bag: Chaps (This one is nice)
Shirt: Alexon (very old….similar)

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