beach outfit for chubby guys

Beach Outfit for Chubby Guys (20++ AWESOME Ideas)

We don’t refer to it as fat but rather as an extra part of our body. And while we don’t glorify it with false optimism, it can certainly cause some insecurities, especially when getting dressed. Summer can also be a scourge for some of us. We may lack confidence in our bodies when we see other people freely wearing swimwear. As a result, selecting an awesome beach outfit for chubby guys can be difficult.

What outfit is appropriate for hot weather while remaining stylish and flattering on our large frames?

There’s no need to be concerned because you’ve come to the right place. Simply Stylish Mom has compiled a list of suggestions for beach outfits for chubby guys. Our stylish outfit selection will boost your confidence, especially during the summer when you spend a lot of time at the beach. Without further ado, let’s get to the list and see if you can find something that works for you.

1. Floral Shirt and Coat

beach outfit for chubby guys

Are you someone who likes to dress well? Then this outfit suggestion is perfect for you. Chubby guys can confidently rock a floral shirt and coat as an awesome beach outfit. A one-of-a-kind look that elevates your fashion sense. Pair it with your regular short jeans and sneakers to make it looks more relaxed.

2. Unbuttoned Shirt with Chino Pants

beach outfit for chubby guys

This super casual look is ideal for summer. The lightweight material allows your skin to breathe freely. For example, unbuttoned shirts and chino pants would be excellent beach outfits for chubby men. Your body shade looks great, with an exciting combination of sky blue and brown. Furthermore, the combination of the two is ideal for those of you who enjoy spending time on the beach but do not enjoy swimming or other sweaty activities.

3. Hawaiian T-Shirt and Jogger

beach outfit for chubby guys
eddie williams/pinterest

Hawaiian shirts are the best to wear when we’re on vacation at the beach. The unique floral motif and thin material keep us active and relaxed in hot weather. So, we recommend the combination of Hawaiian shirts and jogger pants as a beach outfit for chubby guys. Loose jogger pants flatter your figure. And you can wear shoes that complement your shirt to look more stylish.

4. Navy Polo Shirt

beach outfit for chubby guys

Simple outfit ideas can be stylish if they are properly combined. Yes, a navy polo shirt can be an excellent beach outfit for chubby guys. Polo shirts are well-known for their breathable material, which makes them ideal for wearing in hot weather. Wear it with white shorts and sunglasses to boost your confidence and make you look more stylish and beautiful.

5. Cargo Pants and Dark T-Shirt

beach outfit for chubby guys

The loose cargo pants are, in fact, ideal for big and tall men. Bulky and heavy ones will be uncomfortable during a beach trip so loose ones are perfect. We believe that you can combine cargo pants with your favorite clothing. You can achieve excellent results by pairing it with a darker t-shirt or white sneakers.

6. Hawaiian Pants and T-Shirt

beach outfit for chubby guys
source: kauê plus size/Pinterest

When you visit the beach on sunny days, wearing shorts is more enjoyable. You can pair your plus-size dark colored pants with a T-shirt that features the Hawaiian theme. While it looks simpler and lighter, it is not monotonous. Yes, Hawaiian outfits and beaches are never out of place.

7. Vintage Pattern Shirt and Shorts

beach outfit for chubby guys

Wearing a shirt and shorts with a matching pattern is a good choice if you are looking for a stylish beach outfit for chubby men. Lightweight cotton shirts and shorts are ideal for wearing in hot weather. Furthermore, this outfit has a unique and flashy vintage pattern, which is ideal for those of you who like to draw attention to yourself. Colors that are bright and vibrant truly represent your personality.

8. Rolled and Unbutton Plaid Shirt

beach outfit for chubby guys
source: your marketplace/pinterest

If you enjoy plaid shirts, then you are in luck because they are a good alternative for a stylish beach outfit for chubby guys. You can roll it up and unbuttoned it to make it look less boring and more casual. To match your shirt’s color, pair it with chino short pants in neutral tones like navy or khaki. It makes no difference whether you wear shoes or sandals as long as you are comfortable wearing them on the beach.

9. White Shirt and Dark Short with Beanie

beach outfit for chubby guys

Perhaps your preferred style is a neat outfit. This look can be difficult to pull off at the beach. But take a look at this one suggestion! As a beach outfit for chubby guys, it appears simple and easy to apply for a neat and tidy style. You can make a white long sleeve shirt and short look more stylish by adding a beanie as an additional accessory to your outfit.

10. Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt

beach outfit for chubby guys

Well, maybe you enjoy picnics and BBQs on the beach.  It can get very hot if you wear thick clothes. Chubby guys who like to grill would need a thin and lighter beach outfit! Wear thin and relaxed clothing, such as short sleeve plaid shirts, for this purpose. The charcoal shirt, paired with lighter-colored shorts and a t-shirt, is ideal for lounging on the beach.

11. Vest Outerwear

beach outfit for chubby guys

Looking for a casual beach outfit for chubby guys? Try wearing a vest! An outwear that is distinctive and perhaps rarely worn by the majority of people. A wise choice for those of you who frequently wear simple clothes but don’t want to look boring. Typical outwear with numerous pockets that can be useful for carrying various items.

12. Summer Tracksuit

beach outfit for chubby guys

Wearing a summer tracksuit is also a great option if you want a cool beach outfit for chubby guys. The two-piece outfit suitable for this summer is more distinctive than typical tracksuits. It looks stylish and gives a sporty impression to your style because it consists of a shirt and shorts in the same color. This type of outfit, especially for big men like us, can boost our esteem.

13. Tank Top

beach outfit for chubby guys
source: steven green/pinterest

A sleeveless outfit featuring a tank top is another great beach outfit for chubby guys. When the weather is hot, it is appropriate to wear clothing that is slightly revealing. A simple tank top that can be paired with whatever bottom you want is the best option if you want to be creative with your stylish outfit. Is it shorts from Hawaii, swimwear, or cargo pants? Whatever it is, it will go well with a tank top.

14. Black and White

beach outfit for chubby guys
source: gelisen/facebook

If you dislike complicated outfits, this idea with a black-and-white theme is for you. The white plus-size tee and black short pants will keep you looking stylish. You can look even more charming with classic shoes and sunglasses to complement your monochrome style.

15. Gingham Shirt and Pink Shorts

beach outfit for chubby guys

A gingham-style shirt is also a good option for a beach outfit. The long sleeve shirt with a checkered pattern, which consists of two colors, is indeed suitable for those of us who are big. This outfit can make your body shade look slimmer. Make it stand out by wearing it with pink shorts as a combination.

16. Green and White Floral Theme

source: coastalflicks

Floral pattern shirts are always appropriate for the beach. What about wearing a floral shirt with a green and white theme? This color combination, in our opinion, makes the floral shirt more unique. It appears to be refreshing and exciting. Very safe to use, with green on top and white on the bottom, it does not add bulk to your body.

17. White and Stripe

source: temmeutamanho/pinterest

Just take a look at this fancy-looking outfit idea. With a dominant white color and a stripe, this beach outfit is ideal for chubby guys who like to dress well. All-white outfits can be monotonous, but not if you wear a white stripe shirt as your top. Dress up in a sleek look to complement your fancy style.

18. BoHo Style Shirt


The linen BoHo style shirt is very suitable for chubby guys who are looking for a comfy beach outfit. We can wear it all day in hot weather because it is ultralightweight and breathable. The boho shirt with a unique pattern is ideal for a tropical-style outfit that you can wear to the beach for whatever activities you have planned. Wearing this shirt is definitely appropriate for relaxing or sightseeing.

19. Hip-Hop Style Shirt

source: Tomarra :-)/pinterest

You can try this outfit idea if you like to dress in hip-hop style. A hip-hop shirt can also be a perfect beach outfit for chubby guys who like to look sleek. Wearing a gold chain or some fancy glasses will round out your hip-hop look. Remember to keep your profile as cool as your outfit idea style.

20. Black and Stripe

source: style girlfriend/pinterest

Previously, you saw an outfit with a white and stripe theme; how about now with a black and stripe theme? This is a beach outfit for chubby guys that you can try at home. A simple black and white striped tee with black chino pants look very relaxed and appropriate for beach activities. You can use additional accessories such as a Panama hat or sunglasses to make you look more slay and attractive in this hot weather.

21. Brown Shirt and Short

source: thebigfashionguy/instagram

What about a shirt and shorts combo that’s the color of beach sand? It is an ideal beach outfit idea for chubby guys who like matching styles. With a brown shirt and brown shorts, this color blends perfectly with the beach atmosphere and is ideal for guys with darker skin tones, allowing you to show that you are fully immersed in the beach holiday vibes.

22. Orange Tracksuit


A tracksuit, believe it or not, can also be a stylish and neat outfit. Consider this orange tracksuit as a beach outfit for chubby guys. You can easily become the center of attention with vibrant colors on tops and bottoms. You can add some fancy jewelry and other accessories to this simple-looking outfit idea to make you look even fancier.

23. Peacock Feather Pattern Short


Please raise your hand if you like the unusual short pants pattern. If you do, you can wear this outfit as your costume when you are about to go to the beach. A short with a peacock feather pattern paired with a blue shirt appears calm and soft to the eye. With this outfit, you can wear your fancy shoes to your event, and they will go together well.

24. Maroon Sweat and Short

source: SpaceDog/pinterest

This is another excellent beach outfit for chubby guys that we highly recommend. If you like the color maroon, this is the one for you. When the beach weather is cooler than usual, the combination of a maroon sweatshirt and maroon shorts is ideal. You can also add a stylish touch to your outfit by wearing accessories such as a Panama hat.

25. Pink Stripe with Black Short


Last but not least, how about this pink stripe shirt? The color combination is surprisingly pleasing to the eye when paired with black shorts. Choosing a vertical stripe is also a good idea because it can give your body shade and make it appear slimmer. And, with the addition of accessories such as hats or glasses, it can certainly complete your look.

How should an overweight person dress for the beach?

For an overweight person, especially a man, you can wear whatever you want. But if you are confused or not confident, you can see the list above as an example of a reference for you. You can wear Floral pattern shirts or tank tops like the one shown above.

What to wear when you are a chubby man?

If you are one of those chubby guys, you can use various beach outfits that do not give your body a bulky appearance. For a more comfortable activity, especially at the beach, it is best to wear lighter and thinner clothing. Clothes made of linen or a polo shirt would be a good choice for you.

How can fat guys look good?

For fat guys to look good, you can wear clothes that are made from light and not bulky material. It’s very inappropriate to wear thick clothes because they will make you look bulkier. Dress up comfortably and fancy using a white stripe shirt or hip-hop shirt to look attractive at the beach.

How do chubby guys dress up?

You can use a BoHo-style shirt and Hawaiian shirts to dress up, especially on the beach. The main thing to consider is the selection of materials that do not make you sweat; the fabric needs to be breathable. In addition, you can choose patterns such as vertical stripe shirts to give the impression of a slimmer body.

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