best lightweight blazer womens

Best Lightweight Blazer Women’s (30 Expert’s Recommendation)

Blazers are really handy outfits that can be used by both men and women. You can choose to wear this type of clothing for casual or formal events. Therefore, it’s safe to say that blazers are very versatile and awesome. However, blazers are usually used as extra layering for your shirt. Bearing that thought in mind, if you are looking for the best women’s lightweight blazer, we’ve got your back!

A comfy women’s lightweight blazer will ensure you stay sharp and move freely. Besides that, these blazers will also look stunning and adorable at the same time. There are various lightweight blazers that you can choose from, and all of them come in different patterns and models. 

If you’re curious to find the best women’s lightweight blazer, please check out our list below, which contains some of the most beautiful designs that will surely captivate your heart.

1. Black, Long-sleeved Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens

Our first entry is a black and long-sleeved blazer. Black is one of the most commonly used colors for blazers, simply because of its neutral nature. If you choose to wear one, try to find a long-sleeved blazer. You can also choose to wear a white shirt underneath and see both colors mixed together. 

2. Short-sleeved Lightweight Blazers

best lightweight blazer womens


Here is the best women’s lightweight blazer that you must have! It will provide you with a fashionable appearance while still providing you with comfortable material. After all, it is important to wear something that fits perfectly with your body, right? Therefore, we highly suggest the cotton and linen crop blazer, as it is very comfy and lightweight at the same time. 

3. A New Day Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens


A New Day has released a lot of awesome outfits lately. But forget all of that because all your eyes have to do is pay attention to their blazer. The blazer is highly breathable and contains two faux pockets with flaps. These combinations result in the best women’s lightweight blazer you must try!

4. Matching Blazers

best lightweight blazer womens

One of the most important traits to remember when finding the best women’s lightweight blazers is to find one that matches your whole ensemble. Never find one that will destroy your overall appearance. If you have a brown skirt or pants, then find a brown blazer! 

5. Beige Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens

(source: thefrankieshop/

Outfits that used beige color as their finishing is always great. It’s quite a neutral color that can blend perfectly with other awesome colors. Moreover, you can also choose to wear beige blazers and pair it with blue jeans for a more casual look. 

6. Navy Blue Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens


A navy blue blazer really emanates a calming and elegant vibe in its overall aura. If you’re looking to attend a casual get-together with your old friends, you’ll always have the option to wear navy blue blazers. Just make sure to wear ripped jeans for your bottom wear! 

7. ¾ Sleeves Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens


The best women’s lightweight blazers will always have a unique model or pattern. One such model is a lightweight blazer that has ¾ sleeves. It is a more flattering and cuter alternative compared to the traditional long-sleeved blazers. For this case, we strongly suggest a blue blazer. 

8. Plaid Blazers

best lightweight blazer womens


Plaid outfits are great for Christmas. However, it will also be a nice lightweight blazer pattern idea. If you’re wearing lightweight blazers for events that aren’t work-related, then you probably need to consider wearing this type of outfit. You can even combine it with jeans too!

9. Green, Cottoned Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens

(source: luludress/

Cottoned blazers are very comfortable to wear, especially in the summer. After all, it helps to absorb sweat from the skin. If you’re really thinking of wearing one during the summer, then a light-colored blazer will probably do you a lot of favor, as it perfectly symbolizes the overall mood surrounding summertime. 

10. Yellow, Lightweight Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens


Green is an obvious choice for those looking for the best women’s lightweight blazer with light colors. But if you’re tired of following the mainstream option, why not consider yellow instead? In fact, it will be perfect for a casual event or party. The right yellow blazer will even look good without any shirt underneath! 

11. Cropped Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens

(source: DIONLEE/

We have cropped tops and cropped hoodies. Now, the new innovation will be the magnificent cropped blazer. Yes, this isn’t one to wear for work-related parties or during office hours. But if you want to have fun with your friends or lover, this kind of lightweight blazer is worth the try. 

12. Oversized Blazers

best lightweight blazer womens


Don’t let the word “oversized” fool you. Even though it is fairly larger than a normal blazer, oversized blazers are very light and won’t hold back your movements. Besides that, you can also pair it with a sleeveless or short sleeve top for a casual appearance.

13. Lightweight and Leathered Blazer

best lightweight blazer womens


Going for an even more casual appearance with your blazer? Well, why not try one ensemble that takes advantage of a leathered blazer? There are a lot of variations that you can try for a leathered and lightweight blazer, such as the one-buttoned blazer. 

14. Red Lightweight Blazer

(source: lulus/

The true reason behind finding the best lightweight women’s blazer is for you to be able to stand out and become the most beautiful person in a venue. To do that, you can try out some light-colored blazers. Red seems like a no-brainer for us, considering that you can also pair it with matching red heels and a pair of blue jeans. 

15. Purple Blazer

Purple lightweight blazers will not be the first outfit that you see on the streets. However, it’s really underrated and underappreciated. Therefore, you should try it out for yourself! To complete the ensemble, wearing matching pants as well as a white shirt underneath will be perfect and wise. Show off your ensemble to your friends and make their jaws drop. 

16. Short-sleeved Lightweight Blazers

(source: TheDallant/

A short-sleeved blazer will most likely look like a normal shirt or vest. However, that’s the way that fashion outfits operate these days: any innovations will do! If you do like the idea of wearing short-sleeved blazers, we highly recommend you to consider finding a blazer with a warmer tone, such as beige or brown. 

17. Striped Blazer

Although similar to plaid blazers, striped blazers have different and quite obvious differences. However, we do acknowledge the fact that both of them tend to create a more colorful and cheerful vibe. Moreover, it will fit perfectly if you choose to pair it with a white shirt underneath. 

18. Maroon Red Blazer

(source: MensUSA/

A maroon red blazer is a very wise choice for you because this piece is a really versatile outfit for your wardrobe. As a matter of fact, this lightweight blazer can be paired with a skirt for dinner with your boss or jeans for a casual day with your partner. If you are looking for the best lightweight women’s blazer, this is it!

19. Sage Green Blazer

Various green colors exist, and one of the stand-outs will be the sage green color. In fact, it makes a nice lightweight blazer for women, as it exudes calmness and elegance. On top of that, you can also choose to wear matching pants along with the common white shirt underneath. 

20. Buttoned Blazers

(source: StyleWe/

Many blazers are equipped with at least one button to join the two sides together. But if you want to have the best lightweight women’s blazer that is also unique at the same time, try finding multi-buttoned blazers! Even if you don’t like buttoning a blazer, these buttons will become great decorations for your ensemble. 

21. Floral Blazer


Flowers are beautiful, and they are just as beautiful as lightweight blazers. Therefore, why not combine both formulas and try to wear floral blazers? It will be perfect for a casual stroll on the beach or for a romantic dinner with your hubby! Truly one of the best lightweight women’s blazers. 

22. One-button Blazer


Previously, we have mentioned the advantages and chemistry between buttons and blazers. One unique idea for a cool, lightweight blazer is to find one with just a single button. Thankfully, there are a lot of one-button blazer variations that you can play with, such as black or white milk. 

23. Khaki Blazer

Khaki, like beige, is quite a warm and natural color that fits perfectly with a lot of other colors. In fact, you can try to wear this kind of lightweight blazer and see if it suits perfectly with your black top and white skirt!

24. Brown Blazer

(source: baranggcewe/

A dark brown lightweight blazer is also a great choice that earns a spot in our list of best women’s lightweight blazers. Besides, you can experiment a lot with your ensemble with this amazing blazer. Try and wear a black cropped top as well as beige pants. 

25. Violet Blazer


Going for a purple blazer? Why not violet? After all, it’s a really comfortable outfit, both for people’s eyes and your own body. Besides that, you can also choose to complete the set by wearing a white top and purple pants. Finish the ensemble by wearing black heels. 

26. Pocketed Blazers

(source: RacunLocal/

Though not as essential as buttons, pockets are still an eye-pleaser that can also bring a lot of advantages to your outfit. In fact, you can store some essential items inside. If you’re on board with the idea, why don’t you try out and wear a blazer with pockets in warm colors, such as brown, beige, or pink? 

27. Vintage and Multicolored Blazer


These days, the trend to look back and wear vintage-themed outfits is really tempting. Therefore, you should probably try out a retro blazer for several occasions. One such idea is to wear multicolored blazers. Don’t worry, because it will make you the center of people’s attention. 

28. White, Linen Blazer


Why wear linen blazers, you may ask? First of all, it’s comfortable as heck. If you pair it and find a white linen blazer, we guarantee that you’ll be hitting the jackpot here. Plus, you can also wear contrasting pants (such as black or navy blue), and you will really get an excellent casual outfit

29. Calvin Klein’s Plus Size Blazer Jacket


Calvin Klein always releases top-notch products, and blazers will not be an exception. In fact, it’s a highly comfortable blazer that is made using premium material, ensuring the best user experience. Besides that, the simplistic model will make you look exotic and elegant at the same time. 

30. Pink Blazers


Let’s end our list of the best lightweight women’s blazers with a bang, shall we? Well, we got a really great idea: pink lightweight blazers. Yes, it might be too colorful or shiny for your taste. However, we guarantee that it would look good for anyone, especially during the summer. Try it out!

What Brand has the Best Blazers?

Calvin Klein’s might be the winner and has the best blazers. They released a simplistic design and model, but that’s what makes their items special and so eye-catching. You should try it out!

Are Blazers Back in Style for Ladies?

Blazers are never out of style. In fact, they’re always great to wear. You can choose to wear blazers for both formal and casual events, so make sure to find the right ensemble. 

What Do You Wear Under a Women’s Blazers?

You can wear a cropped top or a plain shirt under a women’s blazer. No matter what color of blazer you own, we still strongly consider neutral shirts, such as black or white. 

How Should a Blazer Fit on a Woman?

You can choose to wear a slim fit or oversized blazer. Of course, both of them contrast each other, with one being tighter and the other loose. Regardless, they really are part of a woman’s fashion style. 

What Color Blazer Should Every Woman Own?

Neutral color, just like any other outfits, is the safe option for blazer color that every woman should own. Therefore, finding a black or white blazer is great. Besides that, beige and light brown is also acceptable. 

How Do I Choose the Right Blazer for My Body Type?

If you want to choose the right blazer for your body type, the safest and easiest way is to just try it out. Make sure to pair it with your complementary outfits, too, because you also need to see if they match each other. 

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