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Best Lightweight Men’s Blazer for Any Occasion (30 Cool Ideas)

Blazers can be worn by both men and women, and it will make both genders look better and more awesome. Naturally, they both have different styles and models. However, the same thing should probably be applied to all people: lightweight blazers. Although lightweight blazers aren’t as thick and protective as heavyweight blazers, they will offer greater mobility for the user. Hence, it’s a great idea to find the best lightweight men’s blazer for yourself!

There are a lot of awesome men’s blazers in the market that you can add to your closet. However, the question remains: which item should be considered the best lightweight men’s blazer, and which one will suit your style best? To answer that question, you should take a look at our list below, containing some of the craziest and best lightweight men’s blazers. 

1. White Party Blazer


You probably know by now that blazers can be used for various occasions, both formal and casual. For fun parties, you can try and dress up with white blazers. Your other clothing options will determine the theme. Should you attend a formal dinner, wear black pants. But if you’re just hanging out with some friends, you can wear jeans instead.

2. Rustic Blazer


Don’t let the name fool you. Although rustic blazers look old and, well, rusty, they are anything but! In fact, wearing this kind of blazer will make you look fresh and handsome. It’s truly one of the best lightweight men’s blazer ideas you can get, so make sure to find one and add them to your collection.

3. Formal Black Blazer

source: robiulIslampailot/

Some blazers are specially made to be worn during formal parties. If you want to please your boss or just aiming to look good in a more serious event, nothing will beat the old and traditional black blazer. If possible, try and wear a black tie and white shirt underneath.

4. Maroon Red Blazer

source: asos/

We’re taking a U-turn from the serious and dark blazer to a much calmer and soothing outfit alternative. For casual occasions, we might suggest you try out maroon red blazers. The glooming color will even work perfectly with beige or light brown pants, making it one of the most awesome and best lightweight men’s blazer ideas.  

5. Genuine, Leather-brown Blazer

source: fashionate/

Feeling like Chris Pratt? Well, you can unleash your inner Star Lord by trying a casual and fun blazer in the form of a leathered brown blazer. Despite its awesome appearance, most leathered blazers are also made using premium material, so be careful and avoid ruining it!

6. Ethnic Blazer


It appears that some traditional and ethnic cultures can adopt their values and imprint it into some modern outfits. Blazers are no exception to this. Therefore, you can try and find one ethnic-inspired blazer that suits your style. An Indian blazer will be a great choice, should you run out of ideas!

7. Casual, One-button Blazer

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Some people are on board with the idea of wearing a one-buttoned blazer. In fact, it gives them more freedom and less hassle towards buttoning up their suit. Moreover, a one-buttoned blazer is a perfect outfit for an informal party. One great idea is to wear a gray blazer jacket and pair it with white pants.

8. Casual, Dark Blue Blazer


Some people might have thought that wearing dark-colored outfits will resemble a doom and gloom mood around its wearer. They can’t be more wrong because dark-colored blazers, like dark blue, can represent an elegant vibe to it. In fact, try and wear this kind of clothing for a casual get-together with some of your best friends.

9. Blue Plaid Blazer


Yes, plaid outfits (and, in some cases, blazers) are really perfect for Christmas. However, you can also choose to go out with your friends by rocking out a plaid blazer. For a more casual approach, avoid the red and green pattern that is often associated with Christmas. Instead, try to find a blue plaid blazer!

10. Retro Plaid Blazer


Apparently, plaid blazers have been around for a very long time. In fact, there are some patterns and models that are very telling of a certain period. If you really want to appear in a somewhat unconventional style, you can certainly wear a retro plaid blazer and pair it with jeans!

11. Checked Blazer


A checked blazer is very similar to plaid blazer. However, they do have a little difference that makes each of them special. The choice to wear either checked or plaid blazers is yours, as both are really awesome to wear for casual purposes. Moreover, a checked blazer can be paired with black jeans and leather shoes.

12. Corduroy Blazer

source: etsy uk/

Did you know that one of the best lightweight men’s blazer ideas is to wear one that is made using corduroy? Indeed, corduroy blazers are really comfortable and soothing to wear. After all, they also exude elegance and royalty, hence making you look handsome and strong at the same time.

13. White Blazer

best lightweight men's blazer
source: barney bishop/

Despite its versatility, a white lightweight blazer is really made for casual occasions. In fact, you just need to wear a shirt underneath, blue jeans, and a hat! The result? Magnificent, at the least! No matter how old you are, you can never go wrong with any awesome white blazer. This is definitely the best men’s lightweight blazer that you must consider for your next outing!

14. Velvet Blue Blazer

best lightweight men's blazer
source: theunstitchd/

Do you know what makes a great combination for your blazer? Black pants and a red shirt. For extra layering, find a velvet blue blazer in your closet immediately! This combination will be great for festivals, dinner banquets, and many more!

15. Gold Blazer

best lightweight men's blazer
source: strangerinks/

Some blazers are simplistic and elegant, while some are made to make you look fabulous and luxurious. If you’re on board with the latter, we’ve got just the right outfit idea for you, and that comes through the gold lightweight blazer. Some gold blazers look shiny, thus catching other people’s attention towards you.

16. Vintage Beige Blazer

best lightweight men's blazer
source: men’s Fashion – LIFESTYLE BY PS/

Retro-style fashion is coming back. However, some designs and models are better than others. Therefore, we encourage you to choose your vintage blazer wisely. One great idea is to wear a simple blazer for your ensemble. Beige-colored blazers will be a perfect choice!

17. Leathered Blazer

best lightweight men's blazer
source: fashionate/

Want to do a photoshoot session wearing a blazer? We guarantee that nothing can beat a leathered blazer for this scenario! A black jacket will be perfect, as you can pair those with black pants and boots (or shoes). Besides, it will definitely make you look hotter. 

18. White (and a Little Black)

best lightweight men's blazer
source: gingtto/

Although wearing a white blazer seems like a very wonderful idea, you can also do a little bit of improvisation and wear a modified lightweight men’s blazer. A simple tweak, such as wearing a white blazer with black buttons, will do you a lot of wonders. Pair it with white sneakers and black pants, and you’re all set! 

19. Green, One-buttoned Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: hockerty/

A green blazer can be used for much more than a Christmas outfit. In fact, some green variants can be used for both casual and formal events. Heck, you can even use them during office hours, as it is comfortable and clean. Hence, green blazers really earn a place on our list of best lightweight men’s blazers.

20. Vintage 70s Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: etsy/

Despite making a huge comeback in the fashion industry, most vintage outfits that are popular now came from the 80s and 90s. But what people fail to realize is the hidden gems found in the 70s. In fact, 70s-inspired blazers are really cool as heck, and you can even pair them with modern outfits!

21. Slim-fit Blue-sky Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer

Feeling confident with your own body? The best way to show off your hard workout in the gym is by wearing slim-fit blazers for parties. If you want to bring out a lighter mood for the crowd, a light color, such as sky blue, will be perfect.

22. Purple Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: etsy/

People who said that purple is better suited for females should really get their eyes checked. As a matter of fact, a purple blazer works perfectly for both genders. You can also use it for lots of stuff, such as social gatherings or other events that require proper attire.

23. Yellow Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: mensitaly/

The best lightweight men’s blazers will always find a way to captivate and capture people’s attention. We thought that nothing could be as effective as wearing a yellow lightweight blazer for your party. The light and cheerful aura emanated will definitely be people’s talking point for the whole day.

24. Dark Striped Lightweight Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer

Yes, striped lightweight blazers are always welcomed on our list of the best lightweight men’s blazers. In fact, its unique pattern makes it perfect for a lot of things, such as social gatherings or a small reunion party with your high school friends.

25. Light Lightweight Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: giorgenti new york/

Here’s a contrasting idea to the ones that we have offered before. If you want to generate a lighter vibe around you, just make sure to wear a light blazer for the day. Underneath the blazer, you’re free to wear a black or white shirt and tie!

26. Pink Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: haute for the culture/

Pink has the same stereotype as purple mentioned before. In fact, there is nothing wrong with a man wearing pink blazers. You can even take it to another level by wearing a whole attire with the same color! It will definitely emanate a cheerful and elegant aura.

27. Floral Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: pilaeo/

Looking for a really fun outfit to use for hanging out with friends during the day and night? Look no more because you can seriously consider wearing floral-themed blazers. The flower drawn on the blazer helps in creating a funnier and light vibe around you, thus making it easy for you to mingle. 

28. Haggar Tailored Fit in Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer

If you really want to wear a premium blazer that feels really light, you should definitely check out Haggar’s Tailored Fit in blazer. They are made using premium material that guarantees comfort and a great user experience. Besides that, the simplistic design makes it very hard to resist, right?

29. Coffee Brown Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer
source: hangrr/

Truth be told, we rarely see people wearing a coffee-brown blazer. It’s hard to understand, seeing as it really looks good. Besides that, you can easily pair coffee brown blazers with matching pants and dark shoes. This kind of combination can be used for both formal and casual occasions, making it really underrated and underappreciated.

30. Hollow Out Blazer

best lightweight mens blazer

Let’s face it. A hollow-out blazer won’t be great for office-related business. In fact, your boss might think that you’ve lost your house! However, it’d be great to use for night parties, fashion shows, and other fun events that you might be interested in taking part in.

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