Boiled Wool Merino and Scruffy Jeans.

boiled wool merino and scruffy

It’s much milder today, here in Scotland, and the rain is holding off (for the moment) so this was the perfect opportunity to wear a boiled wool jacket.
This lightweight jacket was sent to me (along with the white poloneck) from the nice people at Emreco.

I was initially drawn to the colour of this jacket, a soft and muted shade of teal.
Teal is a really versatile colour that can be subtle or bold, depending on what it is teamed with.

I was also very pleased to find that this jacket is made of boiled wool.
Boiled wool is a lovely fabric, so retro!
It reminds me of days gone by, and my Nan’s overcoat.
This boiled wool jacket is very lightweight, but surprisingly warm and cosy.
Especially when paired with a merino jumper.

boiled wool merino and scruffy

To be honest, I was not expecting the quality to be as nice as it turned out to be.
I’m always hopeful, but so much modern clothing is disappointing (see THIS POST) and it was nice to be pleasantly surprised.
Also, the Emreco brand appears to be true true to size.
Three cheers for that!
Vanity sizing annoys me so much, and this size 10 fits like a real size 10.
That makes me very happy.

boiled wool merino and scruffy

This fine gauge polo neck jumper slipped easily under a more colourful top, and with the lightweight jacket, was all the layering I needed.
Seriously scruffy grey skinny jeans, and my trusty furry boots stopped things getting too stuffy.

A chunky scarf, beret and gloves finished things off nicely… it’s mild but not THAT mild!

{Needless to say the thermals were on too!!}

JUMPER & JACKET: c/o Emreco
SCARF: New Look… this season’s version.
TOP: Ted Baker… this season’s version.
JEANS: Tesco… similar.
BOOTS: Duo…these are fab!
GLOVES: M&S… similar.

What do you wear on milder winter days?
Is your weather changeable, or predictable?
I would love to know so please leave a comment

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