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bold colourful party outfit

If you’re off to a party (or event) soon and you’re sick to the back teeth of the usual outfits from the usual shops what can you do?

You know exactly what I mean, don’t you?
The ‘traditional’ shop choices.
The ‘expected’ styles, shapes and colours.
The generic “You’re now over 40” outfit.

Maybe even frumpy?
What if none of it’s for you?

Doing what’s ‘expected’ may feel comfortable and safe (for some people) BUT… there is always the danger that someone else is going to turn up in the same dress as you!

How can you look different without looking daft?
How can you make a statement about who you are without breaking the bank?
How can you look appropriate but still be true to your personal style?
The answer is simple…

bold colourful party outfit

I’m a firm believer that age is an irrelevance when it comes to fashion.
As long as your outfit is appropriate for the occasion then there is no reason why you need to leave your personal style in the house.
You CAN express yourself whatever you’re up to!

bold colourful party outfit

My secret for always looking (and, more importantly feeling) like “Me”, regardless of the occasion, is to NEVER shop anywhere I feel I ought to be shopping.
I only shop where I want, and I only look for items that catch my eye, turn my head and make me smile.
I don’t care whether they’re in a shop aimed at teens… or even in the children’s department!
If I like it then I’m wearing it!

It’s also VERY important to play to your strengths.
It will give you confidence.
If you like your legs, make them the focus of your outfit… get those pins out!
If your waist is wasp-like belt it and show it off!
Cleavage to die for? Show off the girls!

For me, I feel confident showing my arms, back and shoulders.
I know my skin is milky white and I’ve a few freckles, moles and funny tag thingamajigs.
BUT, I still feel happy that my arms have some tone to them and I’m comfortable getting them out.
So, when this strapless jumpsuit turned my head I jumped right on it!

I’m happy to wear a strapless bandeau/bra as my boobicles don’t really go very far (small chests have their benefits!) and are happily held in place by a strapless bra.
If you’re on the bustier side you may struggle with the strapless look… drooping down is never a good look!
If gravity is calling, try a strapless bodysuit or longline bra.
It could give you the extra help you need.

Whatever you decide to wear make sure it reflects YOUR personality and feels like you.
Only then will you be truly comfortable and guaranteed to have a great time.

JUMPSUIT: Topshop … try this plain blue version.
SHOES: Martha Johnson… try these.
BAG: Linea … try this.
EARRINGS: a gift… try these.
SHRUG: older than a very old thing!… this one is fabulous!

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