What are the Fashion Bloggers REALLY wearing?

what are fashion bloggers really

As the seasons change one thing always stays the same. what are fashion bloggers really wearing
Marketing and promotion of the latest must-have items.

(If you’re wondering what’s going on in the photo above… my husband took pictures of me when I was clowning around… he is so naughty!)

We’ve all read the hype surrounding certain on-trend pieces, the latest looks, the real blogger favourites.

{See more on ‘Blogger Favourites’ HERE.}

BUT…What do bloggers really wear in their day to day lives?
What are the real blogger favourites when they’re busy on their blogs?

what are fashion bloggers really

It’s true that people who love fashion and like to talk (and/or blog) about it, tend to enjoy dressing up and looking the best version of themselves.
They tend not to be afraid of trying new styles, colours and combinations.
Nor are they worried about what other people might think of their fashion choices.
Bloggers like to turn heads!

The reality of blogging means that a lot of it is done at home, either sitting at a desk or (like me) lying on a sofa with a laptop on your knee!

what are fashion bloggers really

When I go to my day job I like to get dressed up (some days more than others) and I love going all-out for a special occasion.
But, if it’s a bloggy day I tend to wear jeans, dungarees, joggers, leggings, cosy thick socks, oversized shirts and big sloppy jumpers.

{I always like to wear a lipstick on my days off too… the brighter and bolder the better!
I often wear shades that were a mistake purchase, the wrong colour for me or just TOO bright.
Colours that don’t go out in public.
I wear them just for fun and because I love them!}

Yesterday I was having a bloggy afternoon and I was going all-out-comfort, wearing a pair of silky joggers and a gigantic (super warm) cashmere jumper.
As I was having a rummage around the internet I started to think about how easy it is to change a sloppy ‘lounging around the house’ outfit into a real going out outfit.

So I took off my thick socks and added some metallic heels.
I grabbed a clutch bag, earrings and an “out in public” lipstick and voila!
A perfectly acceptable outfit.
All from a real-life blogger’s blogging (read: lounging) uniform.

{Of course, a pair of old sporty joggers with worn knees and a scabby bobbly knit won’t quite cut it, even with the addition of lippy and heels!}

What do you wear at home?
Are you always properly dressed?
Or, do you sometimes wear your jammies??

What about bright lipstick?
Do you do the same as me?

I’d love to hear about your secret at-home habits!

JUMPER: c/o Silver Pink Company
JOGGERS: Madeleine (charity shopped)
SHOES: Lotus
BAG: older than time itself!
EARRINGS: Charity shopped.

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