Bored With Your Hair Dye? DIY Hair Colour from Red to Brown Tips

Is it time for a haircut? Are you thinking about colouring your hair at home? Bored with your hair dye?
Okay, so it’s that time again.

My hair is needing a trim and I go through the usual: Grow it?? Chop it off?? What should I do?
This is a (very) regular conversation I have with myself (and any poor sod who makes the mistake of listening).

If you have read my “All about me” page, you will know that I like to change my hair quite regularly.
It has been all lengths from super-LONG (I’m a dab hand at a french pleat or fishtail) to shaved at the sides and spiked on top (so much fun!).

It has been bright red, orange, black, blond, peroxide blond, white, all shades of brown, all shades of auburn/red, plum, blue/black, pinky-red and even dark green!

I love to change it up…I get bored easily and, let’s face it, out of all of the things you can do to change the way you look, nothing is quite so easy and painless as changing your hair.

Well, today I phoned the hairdresser asking for an appointment and they were full.
So, instead of waiting (Wait? Pah!) I decided to take matters into my own hands (it is certainly not the first time).
I trimmed my developing mullet, tidied up my fringe, and trimmed around my ears…

Oh, and I dyed it brown.

Going from red to brown is not as easy as you would think.

You have to select a colour that has a cool base to it…it should turn purple (yes, bright purple) as it develops.

BEWARE, as a rule (in my experience) shop-bought brown hair dye ALWAYS ends up darker than you think it is going to be.
If in doubt choose a shade lighter!

I chose a 6A as my natural hair is about a 6 (that’s how light or dark it is) but with more warmth.
I did take my own advice (above) but I wanted it to a little darker.

The A part means it will be a cool colour (or Ash).
The dye I buy has the following colours, at level 6.

6N – neutral -Lightest brown
6G – Golden -Lightest copper brown
6A – Ash -Lightest ash brown
Only the Ash tone would get me what I want this time.

Don’t fear the ash…is counteracts brassiness and red undertones.
Be aware though that you can never remove ALL the redness from it at home…for that you need specialist help. And, of course, a bigger budget.

The hair colour turned pale purple slowly as I mixed it (it looked inoffensive) but it was so dark and bright purple that it looked almost black on my head (this could be very concerning for a beginner BUT don’t panic).
I have had it all shades from Bleached white to black so I never really panic (nothing an eyebrow pencil could not fix in an emergency!)

As I rinsed it off (gosh, it makes a mess!) I realised that it is very slightly darker than I wanted BUT it will fade down very quickly and my red will start to come through again.

It is a nice chocolate colour…with a very slight red tinge (not surprising as my hair was practically orange before I started)
My eyebrows needed a quick brow tint (home job again) as they looked lighter..but I think my eyes look bluer.
You can’t see that in this picture but I will put a snap on twitter @samantha4blair

All-in-all I am happy….for the moment….until next time!

Not a great photo but it is a fresh-out-the-bottle red here. Short and Red and shiny.
bored with your hair dye
My hair colour is fading out to a more orange tone…still loving it but my grey temples are saying starting to say “Hello”!
bored with your hair dye
The sunlight (sunset) is warming things up in this photograph, but you get the idea!

Are you thinking of changing your hair?
Please share in the comments, I would love to hear about your ideas!

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