5 (and an extra) Inspiring Links.

5 and extra inspiring links

Here are 5 (well 6, really) blog posts, articles and videos that have inspired me this month.

  1. Find your personal style.

If you sometimes struggle to pinpoint your personal style (often buying clothes that end up never being worn) then you need to check out this post by Suzanne.

She explains how to find your Style Statement so you never buy something “wrong” again.

How to work out your personal style statement.

Here are my 5: Unpredictable, honest, feisty, positive, fun.

5 and extra inspiring links

2. Choosing to dress modestly.

I was so delighted to find that, after I had left a comment on Catherine’s blog, she had been inspired to write this post.
This post talks openly about modest dressing, and why Catherine chooses to cover up her assets.
I read it with interest and it made me think about my own approach to covering and/or exposing my body.
Not an age-appropriate reason either….Quite refreshing.

Why I prefer to dress modestly.

5 and extra inspiring links

3. Being Honest, open and truthful.

This (old) post got me thinking about honesty and whether or not it is a good thing ALL of the time.
I am guilty of being overly ‘honest’ at times.
Tactless even.
Sharing TMI (too much information).

I also can’t lie.
My true feelings are instantly written all over my face. This is not a good thing!
Is honesty always the best policy?
Can we be totally honest with our friends? And (more importantly) ourselves?

The truth about being honest.

4. Update your makeup routine.

This Lisa Eldridge video is an old one but still brilliant for anyone who wants their makeup to make them look better.
Make up can be VERY ageing, and Lisa talks you through how to look fresh and youthful as opposed to tired and haggard.

Anti-ageing makeup

And a wee extra….
This is Lisa’s latest video, with the beautiful Rosie.
Those lips!!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup.

5. Dancing in the snow.

This article made me smile.
A 13 year old girl (from the town I live in) dancing in the snow covered streets of New York.

Ballerina takes to the streets in New York.

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