Burgundy Cream & Orange | The Perfect Neutral

burgundy cream orange perfect neutral

Burgundy cream orange perfect neutral. What colours are you loving to wear at the moment?
I just can’t seem to get enough burgundy, despite the fact that it’s neither “on trend” or a colour that is supposed to suit me.
{See my burgundy legs and blouse HERE and an old Burgundy look HERE, with lots of pinks and reds!}

Burgundy is almost impossible to find in the shops at the moment… it’s all about yellow and green.
Not that I’m complaining about that!
Yellow and green are colours I also love to wear, and they look amazing together.
Nevertheless, I’m still all over burgundy just now so I’m grateful for the joys of online and second-hand shopping!

burgundy cream orange perfect neutral

Today’s outfit is neither on-trend, in-fashion or cutting-edge style.
In fact, on paper, it’s nothing special.
A bib-fronted pinafore style jumpsuit, heeled brogues and a cardy… sounds quite frumpy really.

I feel cool and fashionable.

That’s the thing about personal style, isn’t it?
You can suit yourself!
As long as you feel good nothing else really matters.

burgundy cream orange perfect neutral

Burgundy looks so good with warm colours like orange and tan.

In fact, it’s a fantastic neutral alternative to black and goes well with almost anything!

It’s just a case of experimenting, having fun and finding what works for you.

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BURGUNDY JUMPSUIT: Topshop (Charity Shopped)
ORANGE POLO NECK: c/o Kettlewell
CASHMERE CARDIGAN: Boden (very old!)
LEATHER BAG: Largo (Charity shopped)
GLOVES: Primark
SILK SCARF: Moschino (as old as the hills!)

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