padded jacket look chic Chunky Boots & Puffy Coats.

Puffer padded jacket look chic chunky and sheepskin boots …tricky items to wear, aren’t they?
Shapeless, sloppy, unflattering, adding pounds.
Not chic, stylish or elegant.
In fact, lazy dressing at it’s worst.
BUT oh, so cosy!

Chunky and comforting sheepskin boots. Like outdoor slippers…a hug for your feet.
And, nothing quite beats a down-filled, super-puffy coat on a cold day.
Add a fur trimmed hood and you are laughing!

However, it is all too easy to take it too far and end up dressed like you are nipping out to the bins, or to walk the dog.
There is a very fine line between casual-chic and sloppy-mess.

The only way to wear this combination is to keep the lines of your outfit simple and your bottom half close fitted.
Oh, and don’t bother trying to make either of these items look “smarter”.
It doesn’t work.
Puffy coats worn with shoulder or top-handle bags (this one is a cross-body bag) looks like you grabbed the first thing from the coat rail on your way out of the door.
Ditto for pencil skirts or shift dresses.
If you are wearing a smarter outfit underneath, pick a different coat and boot combination!

padded jacket look chic chunky
wearing a smarter outfit underneath

I started this whole outfit from the feet up.
These boots are by Duo and are made for skinny legs! Yippee.
Even better, I bought them on Ebay for £4.99).
The company also makes boots for wider calves.
Although they are now called Ted & Muffy (with a chic, website make-over) and I don’t know if they are the same any more?
If you have tried them, please let me know in the comments or tweet me @samantha4blair.

These boots are perfect for me. Snug on the leg, cosy, sturdy (for walking) and fluffy!

padded jacket look chic chunky
Snug on the leg, cosy, sturdy (for walking) and fluffy

This combination can easily look boring.
My solution to any styling problem is to throw in some colour to the mix.
Adding a rich and vibrant colour lifts the whole feel of an outfit.
This could have easily looked drab but, with the addition of a colourful roll neck, beret and bag everything is a lot more cheerful.
Adding Pom Poms to my bag was just an extra furry touch!

padded jacket look chic chunky
Adding Pom Poms to my bag was just an extra furry touch
Pom Poms to my bag

My (faux) leather leggings came out again (see my previous post about them HERE, also styled casually) mostly because I needed a skinny silhouette and felt jeans were too boring BUT also because they are drizzle proof!

The weather has been appalling here, for over a week, and getting any outdoor photographs is a major challenge.
My 10 year old and 8 year old girls took these photos, in the drizzle, as a team (one holding the brolly, one taking the shots)…well done girls!

Coat: Boden (last winter)
Hat: Primark (I like this one)
Bag: Boden (old)…this one is quite nice and comes in loads of colours…..this one is cute too!
Pompoms: Topshop
Boots: Duo (from Ebay)… I like these ankle boots.
Jumper: A gift (This season’s version)
Faux Leather leggings: River Island (these leather ones are gorgeous!)
Socks: M&S

At the end of the day, Chic is not a word you can associate with the puffer jacket.
BUT, you can look casually stylish…and be cosy, sometimes that is my priority!

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