Dressing up over 40 Corpse Bride makeup.

Dressing up over 40 corpse bride makeup. Last night my younger children were going out guising with their friends. Costumes sorted (see the Ghost HERE and the Witch HERE….with Hell-hound)
Party tricks rehearsed.
Jokes learned.
Dances perfected.

Of course I was going to join them.
They need a chaperone, it is dark out there…you never know who (or what) is lurking….

dressing up over 40 corpse bride makeup
Dressing like a corpse bride, over 40.

My husband let out an audible gasp when I came into the living room to get our coats.
“OMG Sam, It does not even look like you!”
My son laughed.
“Trust you, Mum!”.
My 10 year old cringed.
“Mum, you are SO embarrassing”.
My youngest said,
‘Mummy, I don’t like it!”
The perfect reactions.

dressing up over 40 corpse bride makeup
The perfect reactions.

I am not a fan of the ‘attractive’ halloween look.
I want to look hideous.
Why waste the opportunity to use those eyebags and dark circles that we are constantly trying to hide?
This is the one night of the year that we can use them to our advantage!

I was in the adult minority though, a minority of one.
I wondered why?
Perhaps people worry about looking foolish or unattractive?
As you can see… those things did not worry me!

dressing up over 40 corpse bride makeup
Perhaps people worry about looking foolish

To recreate this beautiful face, you will need:

  • Black lipstick (or you can use an eyeliner and fill in your lips).
  • Red lipliner.
  • Purple eyeshadow.
  • Black eyeshadow.
  • Green eyeshadow.
  • ‘Too pale’ foundation or powder.

What to do (it’s easy):

  1. Cover your face with the pale foundation and/or powder.
  2. Generously cover your eyes, sockets and under-eye area with the purple eyeshadow.
  3. Follow with the black…nice and thick!
  4. Colour your lips (you can put some on your teeth too, dry them first)
  5. Use green eyeshadow (I used loose pigment) as blusher…be generous.
  6. Line your eyes with the red lipliner and add blood drops anywhere you like.

Do you dress up?

Or do you find it all too embarrassing?
Please let me know in the comments….or tweet me your pictures @samantha4blair

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