Casual daywear, over 40 | Short floral dress and coloured tights.

What do you wear when you want to be comfortable but still look feminine?

A floral dress and coloured tights.
My love affair with coloured tights continues…and my tendency to go for a short hemline is something I can’t resist. 
I will keep reaching for the mini-length until the flesh above my knees trails on the ground, and even then I might just invest in some support tights!
I just can’t give them up, despite what the ‘Rule-book’ is telling me that I should have done about 10 years ago…. I’m not even sorry.

Today it was quite warm (and sunny at times too) so there was no need for a jacket BUT still just chilly enough for me to require a chunky cardigan. I really dislike being cold.

A long cardigan also acts as a security blanket for me, it covers my rear, adds a layer of warmth but also gives me the confidence to wear such a short and flimsy dress (no fear of it blowing up around my ears).
This dress is so pretty and fluid, you can see it moving and rippling in the wind in my photographs.

I did need to put a full slip underneath, for modesty and also to reduce static. 
The dress is made of polyester and, unfortunately:

Polyester + Tights = Annoying static electricity + Plenty of cling*

My top tip for reducing the dreaded cling is to spray some hairspray onto your tights, where they will be touching the dress or skirt, it seems odd but really does work.

Tights weather always makes me happy, it means my legs can come out again.
I never really get a tan but my legs do go a slightly off-white colour in the summer but I still need plenty of lotions, potions and leg makeup to make then look half decent when bare.

Today, I would rather go for the easy option and cover them up with some funky blue tights.

These tights are a ‘denim’ blue, with a very slight purplish tinge to them.
They are supposed to be matte, but are not as matte as I would like…for that I need to spend a bit more money (these were only £6.99).

Cheaper tights tend to have a slight sheen, even on my skinny legs. A more shapely leg can exaggerate the shine effect as the elastane is stretched and, unfortunately, can start to resemble sausages….yikes!

As a tights collector, I would always recommend spending as much as you can afford. Cheap tights are hard to wear, unless you are about 16 and have perfect legs, then everything looks great.
For the rest of us, we deserve something a little more special.
Once you have treated yourself to a great pair with a beautiful quality knit, you will never go back.
The fit, feel, look and comfort really make the extra money worth it…and they can make the rest of your outfit look more expensive. Brilliant.
However, it does seem odd to be wearing (as I often am) tights that are more expensive than the rest of my outfit put together!
My legs and feet do thank me for it though.

casual daywear over 40
casual daywear over 40

I also have an enormous soft spot for my shoe collection, as you will have probably guessed by now if you have read my previous posts.

The end of August is time for new shoes….the joy of payday!
So, it was inevitable that I bought this pair of oxblood ankle boots. I have had my eye on them for a while, with their low cut-outs at the side and chunky sole.
Perfect for late Summer/Autumn and perfect for showing off colourful hosiery…in the sale too, result!
This colour really does go with everything, and is a great alternative to black if you are wanting to branch out into wearing more colour on your feet in the colder months.

I kept my accessories quite understated…which is not like me as I usually lean towards layering. 
My bag was a free-with-purchase gift and is actually pretty decent (I never hold out much hope for these freebies) and once my Pom Pom’s were attached it was perfect.
You are going to see a lot more from my furry friends, and I’m not going to apologise for it!
My cute name necklace finished things off nicely.

Oh, and a hairy photobomber turned up again for a cuddle, and to try and ladder my tights!

casual daywear over 40

Are you treating yourself to any new shoes or boots soon?
Please share in the comments


Dress: Topshop (Charity shop find, but THIS one I like too)
Ankle boots:La Redoute
Cardigan: Boden (similar)
Bag: La Redoute (free gift)
Pompoms:New look
Necklace:Tatty Devine
Nail polish:BarryM

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