Cute summer outfit | Khaki jacket and lace.

A casual, late summer outfit.

Khaki, cream and lace…easy to wear.

Summer is slipping away here, in Scotland.
Although, to be honest, we have not had much of a summer this year.
It has been pretty cold with plenty of rainy days!
Cardigans have been on (or close to hand) and umbrellas have been in the bottom of every bag.
Yesterday, however, the thermometer reached 23 Degrees (practically tropical for us) so I decided that one (and perhaps, last?) cute summer outfit was needed.

cute summer outfit khaki
cute summer outfit khaki
cute summer outfit khaki

It has to be seriously HOT for me to remove layers and bare my blue-tinged flesh. See my Heatwave posts HERE and other hot days, HERE and HERE.

But, it was warm enough today to bare my toes (hello sandals!) and just wear a light cotton jacket.

I took my children out for eye tests, lunch and a some last-minute school shopping (our schools go back this week) and the town was full of people in shorts, vest tops and sundresses.
This is a very British phenomenon, a glimpse of sun and people grab their shorts and rush outside. Usually, without suncream or jackets/umbrellas. So they get burnt, or soaked in a downpour…and sometimes both!
Only the freakishly cold people (like me) were wearing jackets and skinny jeans (with a secret umbrella stashed in my bag).

I really wanted to wear this unusual, lace vest top, or is it a tunic? I’m not sure….perhaps it’s a fragment of a set of net curtains!

Who else grew up with net curtains?

I have had it for years and it gets a outing every summer. Usually as part of a multi-layered outfit…with a cardigan…and (of course)a scarf.
Breaking with tradition, the cardigan stayed at home!

It is almost impossible to wear this top alone. I suppose it could be worn over a bikini or swimsuit but, to be honest, there would be no point as it could not be described as a ‘cover-up’. As you can see, it covers nothing!

My lightweight Khaki Jacket has been a favourite this year and it helped to tone down the overtly girliness of the lace. I then layered on some fun necklaces and a light chiffon scarf.

Skinny jeans were a must, nothing else seemed to cut it with this top. 

I wanted to wear a pair of beautiful vintage heels BUT they are agony to walk in, so my trusty bronze sandals had another day pounding the pavements. 
They are almost as old as me {ha ha}…and second-hand when I bought them!.¬†
I will put a picture of my Vintage heels on twitter¬†@samantha4blair¬†and¬†Instagram. They are ‘proper’ old patent leather with amazing¬†appliqu√© leaves on them…very Autumnal and beautiful. Unfortunately, they are a standing-still-looking-pretty-shoe not a walking-about-the town-shopping-shoe. Sigh. Real life sometimes gets in the way!

I felt that I needed plenty of girly bangles, bracelets and necklaces to add to the girliness again (after toning it down with the khaki) it seems like a contradiction, but it made sense to me!
My little studded bag and pale pink aviators finished things off nicely.

Do you have an ancient item that comes out every year, even if it is just once?
Do you have beautiful shoes that ‘real-life’ stops you wearing?

Please let me know! I love to read your comments.


Bag: Tom Tailor
Lace top:¬†No label…(net curtains?!?!)
Vest top:ME&EM (only a shorter version is left)
Bracelets: Various
Jacket:GAP (similar)
Sandals: Clarks (old)
Scarf: Market stall
Glasses:Asda (princely sum of £2)

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