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chunky boots and t shirt

I was delighted to see the return of chunky heels, and lace-up ankle boots, for the new AW 16/17 season.

{August is the time I start getting excited about the new trends and stop wondering “Are we going to get a Summer this year?”… the answer is usually a firm “No!”}

To be honest, it is easy to get a feel for the autumn season, here in Scotland.
This year’s summer didn’t really come to very much, and although the days are not cold, the rain is never very far away.
Thinking about boots comes naturally!

chunky boots and t shirt

So, when these chunky boots finally went on sale, I had to snap them up.
I have had my eye on them since they launched, earlier in the year.
The £110 price tag seemed fair, but I had a feeling that they would be a little too “different” to sell well, and would definitely make their way into the sale.
I really wanted them, but didn’t need them, so I was willing to bide my time.
(Why pay full-price, when you can pay less?)

I was hoping for a half price bargain, so when they hit the £44 mark, I was laughing.

chunky boots and t shirt

With my new, chunky, summer-into-autumn boots firmly on my feet, the rest of my outfit came together easily.

With my new, chunky, summer-into-autumn boots firmly on my feet, the rest of my outfit came together easily.

I decided to stick to the utilitarian-inspired vibe, and wear green.
Layering my Baukjen dress (seen here, in London) under a sloppy t-shirt tunic.
This made for a comfortable and easy look.
A long necklace smartened things up a bit, and adds interest.

I appreciate that these boots will look much ‘cooler’ when they have been worn a few times (and I intend to be wearing them to death) but I HAD to share them as soon a they arrived.
They are my new favourites!

BOOTS: Clarks (now super super cheap!)…these are totally different, but gorgeous!
DRESSES: Fashion Union (similar) and Baukjen
NECKLACE: TkMaxx (similar)
SCARF: My Daughter’s! (similar)
BAG: Primark (similar)

Do you spot items you fancy then hang around waiting for them to go on sale?
Or, do you snap up things you want as soon as you see them?

Please share your shopping tactics in the comments, or contact me.
I’d love to find out your shopping habits!

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