What should I pack to visit London?

what should i pack

A fantastic place to visit.
A great place to live…..if you are loaded.

{Check out these flats, if you have a spare 5.95 million!}

what should i pack

London is full of life.
Lots to see.
Lots to do.

What should you wear to go sightseeing in London?

Sightseeing means that you need to be comfortable.
In fact, being on your feet all day is a given.
We were out of our hotel from 9am until 10.30 pm every day.

You are going to be walking for miles but, you also need to go out for dinner and look half decent.
{Luckily, there are plenty of informal eateries}

You will probably have the dilemma of whether to choose comfort over style.
Can you have a bit of both?

During a recent family holiday to the ‘big city’, the British weather was very, well…
Rain was threatening, and there was a chill in the air.

Please note: The rain was kind to us, and the chill was not too chilly.
I feel the cold and needed my jacket but, it was 22 degrees, so other people were in vest tops and sundresses.

Okay, so it is not 32 degrees but, I was on holiday, so my legs were coming out regardless!

what should i pack

On day one I wore a plain, white, long sleeved t-shirt and bright coral shorts.
A simple Khaki jacket and a pretty scarf made for a casual, but pulled together look.
My go-to sandals were the perfect ‘walk all day’ footwear.
(A slick of toe polish is a must)
A practical cross body bag, with a bright guitar strap, finished my casual look off perfectly.

On the second day, it was cooler (19 degrees) and there were a few rain showers.
I wore a super-comfortable t-shirt dress, my trusty gutties and a navy mac.

I borrowed my daughter’s backpack to hold the umbrella and extra jumper’s needed for the family.

{BTW, My necklace snapped just before these photos were taken…I really needed the extra touch the necklace provides, I felt a bit bare without it…see the necklace here… I repaired it when we returned home.}

Check out these stunning clothes from the V&A…
This first photo is of two dresses from the 1920’s.
So beautiful.
That orange velvet dress is to die for.

And this outfit from the 60’s.
Very groovy!

My 3 days in London Packing list:

{Pick a colour “theme” you love so everything can be mixed and matched}

  1. Coral Shorts
  2. Comfortable khaki t-shirt dress.
  3. White T-shirt
  4. Black lace front T-shirt (travelled in)
  5. Cream cashmere cardigan 
  6. Nude Sandals
  7. Black and white Gutties (travelled in)
  8. Scarf (I packed 2: one white and neon coral, one gold)
  9. Sunglasses
  10. A compact brolly
  11. Lightweight khaki jacket
  12. Navy Mac (travelled in)
  13. Black and white comfortable trousers (travelled in)
  14. A chunky necklace.
  15. 2 pairs of earrings (one in Amber, one gold and coral)

What would you pack to go sightseeing in a big city?
Do you favour comfort over style?
Can you have both?

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