Cobalt Dress & Vintage leather Jacket | Bold colour.

Styling a cobalt blue shift dress with black leather.

Coloured tights and a houndstooth clutch.

Someone once told me I was an ‘Autumn’, and I should stick to Autumn colours in order to look anything other than;

“Death warmed up”.

So, for years I used to think that blue was not ‘My Colour’.
Always admiring it from afar, but never really doing anything about it.

Funny, because my Grandpa gave me cobalt blue ribbons (to tie in my hair) when I was a little girl and I always loved them.
Grandpas can’t be wrong…can they?

Photographing yourself is a real eye opener when it comes to style (and beauty too, see my missing eyelashes post here).

Aspects of your look that you thought were okay, or nobody would really notice, are glaringly obvious on film!

For example:

  • Not grooming your eyebrows.
  • Chipped nail polish or old fashioned colours.
  • Shiny tights.
  • Bad posture.
  • Ill-fitting underwear.

Also, things about yourself (or your body) that you thought were awful, turn out to be not too bad after all.
For me, those things were:

  • My skinny legs are not as hideous as I had been led to believe.
  • Pale skin is not disgusting.
  • Wearing colours that are not “Muted and Autumnal” is okay!
  • Cropped hair does not make me look like a boy.

I am realising that I CAN wear blue and my Grandpa was right all along (I knew it!)

So, the camera never lies (unless it has been photoshopped, but that is another story).
In my case, the camera is telling me that blue can be “My Colour” and I have subsequently worn lots of it!
(On a Shopping trip and with a Cropped top/skinny jeans combination, for example)

Cobalt blue and Black leather.

Cobalt blue and black leather is a mixture I would have avoided a few years ago.
But, today it makes a smart and simple outfit.
I tried to maintain a pop of colourful personality with the addition of blue tights. Any opportunity to wear bright hosiery, and I am there!
I know I should probably go for a bolder lip colour…orange maybe??….but I am still a lipstick novice (more to come on that subject). I am trying to get better at it!

cobalt dress vintage leather jacket

Here, I am trying to look all moody and sultry (attempting to get into the Bond-girl vibe) but I just end up looking a bit miserable…Fail!
Moody (or pouty) is not a look I pull off very well.

cobalt dress vintage leather jacket

This vintage leather jacket was a charity shop find that I have had for many years.
It is a classic shape that never really dates.
I know there seems to be a cycle of leather-styles, that do the rounds, season after season:

Bomber – biker – blazer

But, this style always pops up somewhere…It never really goes away.

I decided to layer two dresses together, under the jacket.
Mostly for warmth, but the sleeves of the bodycon dress add some colour and interest and just a little more personality to the blue shift.
Layering is a great way to make items, that are perhaps too thin or too short, a bit more wearable.
See this bodycon dress, on it’s own, in this post Very tight and Very short!
And, I have worn this blue shift dress before (see that post here), layered with an orange shirt.

cobalt dress vintage leather jacket

Black knee boots are a classic.
I bought this pair from a shop that makes boots to fit different calf widths, from very narrow to very large.
Having always rattled around inside knee boots, I was so thrilled to zip up a pair and them to touch my leg.
It is a great feeling when something, you never thought would ever fit you, finally does!
I now need to get saving for a second pair, with a punch of colour this time maybe?

I added this little houndstooth clutch for a pop of contrast and pattern.

See how I wore it to a wedding HERE.

Do you avoid certain colours because they are not ‘your colour’? Or, just not you?

Can you find knee boots to fit?
Please share your thoughts in the comments….Especially if you know places to get great boots!

Blue tights : Fogal c/o Uktights
Dress: M&S (kids department!) This one is nice
Bodycon dress: Illustrated People (a gift) This top is fun, and would give the same effect.
Boots: Duo (now Ted and Muffy) These are lovely and have buckles too!
Bag: River Island (another Charity shop purchase…with tags still attached) I am coveting this one.
Jacket: Vintage (this one is gorgeous!)

Like this post? Have a look at some more houndstooth in the form of fun tights,  a cape. Or in the more classic form of a pencil skirt.

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