How I style a Tweed jacket, over 40 | Preppy and fun!

Can you really wear Heritage-style fashion, over 40?

At what point does tweed become frumpy?
The Heritage trend is big this Autumn/Winter.
Wherever you like to shop (whether it is Forever21, Asos or Acne Studios) tweed is everywhere! You can’t escape it.

I do love a touch of tweed (see a Chanel-style jacket here, as well as my vintage tweed skirt here) but, I have to admit that, this can be a tricky trend to pull off.
What once looked really funky (and sexily ironic) can easily look downright frumpy, and a little bit ‘Miss Marple investigates’….not so cool!

So what happened?
Erm?? 20 years of the laws of physics stomping all over my face, that’s what!

how i style tweed jacket over 40 preppy

Fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, we just need to be a bit savvier as we grown a little older.

This tweed blazer has been a favourite of mine for years.
It is so well made and comfortable to wear, and I love the colours: petrol, teal, grey and brown…my favourites!

I decided to steer clear of the “Make it trendy (and young) by pairing it with skinny jeans” school of thought.This would have been easy way out of a styling dilemma.

So, I decided to pair it with a flippy wool mini and some seriously patterned tights.
Not a subtle or delicate pattern.
Oh no, just an over-sized houndstooth!

love these tights.

I am drawn to any houndstooth touches these days (see my cosy Cape here, my funky, but totally impractical clutch bag, here and my Vintage skirt, here).

I can’t seem to resist.

I decided to pair them with my trusty (old) black brogues.
If ever there was a time to wear plain (read: Boring) shoes, then this is it.
Let your legwear do the talking.
These shoes are the ones that were in my bag (on standby) when I wore my vintage shoes.

how i style tweed jacket over 40 preppy

I layered a fine gauge black polo neck under a petrol blue cropped t-shirt.
This was just enough warmth under my (surprisingly cosy) jacket.

Then I went all-out preppy by adding a leather backpack / rucksack.

This was a perfect outfit for a busy day.
A simple, fun and comfortable look without the frump factor.
Job done!

Jacket: Boden (mine is old but they have some others…here)
T-shirt: Charity shop
Poloneck: La redoute
Tights: Old (I can’t remember the brand, but I like these)
Skirt: Newlook (I like this one too)
Bag: Clarks (old) (I like this one)

how i style tweed jacket over 40 preppy

Do you fear the frump-factor when it comes to Tweed or Heritage-style dressing?
How do you wear yours?
Would you wear these tights?
Please let me know in the comments and tweet me a picture @samantha4blair!?

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