Cool Summer Days | Khaki & Turquoise Outfit

cool summer days khaki turquoise outfit

This outfit is perfect for those cooler summer days. cool summer days khaki turquoise outfit
The days where bare legs (and arms) are not an option… brrr.

The kind of days you need to add layers, but don’t want to give up that summer vibe completely!

{We get plenty of days like these in Scotland.}

cool summer days khaki turquoise outfit

A great way to keep an outfit feeling ‘summery’ is to keep the colour palette light and bright.
However, sometimes a light palette isn’t practical.
Depending on what your day has in store, light clothes may be an unwise option!

For me, more practical (and forgiving) colours were needed, so I decided to wear these khaki trousers.

cool summer days khaki turquoise outfit

A pair of khaki trousers are perfect for any time of year!
And, when teamed with different colours, can create various season-appropriate outfits.
Khaki is such a versatile colour.

These jeans are a decent weight, and provided enough warmth to allow me to get away with wearing a pair of chunky sandals.
Faking a more summery look.

{Boots would have been a more practical option, as my toes were suffering a little!}

Adding a bright turquoise vest top, with a floral pattern, kept the summer feeling going.

My cardigan was essential for warmth, but light in colour, and quite a ‘drapey’ summer-weight fabric.
Much more easygoing than a jacket!

{However, I did take my denim jacket with me… and a brolly… you just never know in Scotland!}

What were you wearing today, and why?
Please share in the comments…I would love to find out what determines your outfit choices where you are.

CARDIGAN: Zara… similar.
TROUSERS: Falmer… similar.
TOP: George… this one is pretty.
SHOES: Vagabond (on sale!)
CLUTCH: Linea… this is nice (and down to £11)

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