Faux Leather Dress, over 40?

faux leather dress over 40 khaki silver

faux leather dress over 40 khaki silver In the spirit of wearing what I want (until the day I drop) I found myself reaching for my leather (look) dress again.
Everything about this dress screams…

“You are wearing that! Over 40?!”

faux leather dress over 40 khaki silver

Well, Yes actually, I am!
Because, you know what?
I like it!

I have previously written about being too old for a leather mini dress and how to wear leather over 40, so leather (real and faux) is no stranger to me.

I like the way it looks.
I like the way it feels.
Leather (real and faux) is so versatile and comes in so many guises.
I am sure there is an item out there for everyone.

faux leather dress over 40 khaki silver

I really wanted to wear this (faux) leather dress again, to show what a useful item it is.
However, we have been enjoying a warmer spell of weather, here in Scotland.
I never complain about the heat (it is such a rare treat) but, warm weather and faux leather are not a pleasant combination.
Wearing faux leather in the heat is quite a sweaty experience.
You can feel like you are wrapped in a plastic bag!
I was (for once) glad for a drop in temperature.

{Real leather is not so much of a sweaty problem, and great in all weathers!}

I paired the dress with some dark grey tights and silver tassel loafers.
Giving the dress a slightly preppy spin.
These loafers are simple in shape, but different enough (being silver) to stop them being boring.

A classic fit and flare dress, worn with flat loafers, sounds like such a simple look.
But, when you mix things up using different fabrications (and unexpected colours) your outfit becomes a little more interesting.
Simple shapes, suddenly seem fresh again.

I had a lot of things to do today, so this large suede (fringed) bag was perfect for lugging around all of the ‘stuff’ I needed.

A suede bag is a great partner for a leather dress.
Too much leather can look a bit, well…
Too much!

I really needed something to add more interest to my look…as if leather, silver and tassels were not enough!
A patterned scarf, stacked bracelets and a chunky necklace finished things off perfectly.

Dress: Luna Allegra (similar this one, in suede, is pretty)
Bag: Topshop (this one is nice, and a little smarter)
Underlayer: M&S 
Necklace: Topshop (this one is lovely)
Scarf: A gift (this one is stunning)
Tights: Levante Airskin 150
Shoes: Boden (Teens)…mine are old. These are similar.

Do you like simple shapes in unexpected fabrics?
How do you take a simple look and make it your own?
Please share in the comments… I love reading your thoughts and ideas!
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