Costume Ideas | Evil Harlequin Doll

costume ideas evil harlequin doll

We were at a Halloween Party last night (as a family) and it was SO much fun. costume ideas evil harlequin doll.
The calibre of costumes just gets better and better with each passing year and everytime I come home I feel inspired for next year’s outfit.

This year I went as a harlequin doll.

costume ideas evil harlequin doll

was supposed to be a broken doll but ran out of makeup time and we ended up in a rush out of the door.
Unfortunately, real life always seems to get in the way of best-laid plans!
So I’m a possessed doll instead.
Not yet discovered and smashed!

This costume is basically a unitard from a dance shop with a few DIY touches and some simple makeup.

I added ‘buttons’ made from old shoulder pads (round ones from a vintage cardigan) a circle of white packing and some black nail varnish for the ‘holes’.

A skirt was essential as the unitard is a little sheer (in the white areas) and this piece of netting hid my (discrete) panty line from the rest of the party-goers!

{I also strapped down my boobs in a sports bra as I didn’t want to be like Barbie… not that I’m busty in any way but even a small chest felt off with this look.}

The ruff was simple netting on a piece of elastic with a couple of press-studs to hold it comfortably in place.

For the makeup, I had hardly any time so it was a good job this is an easy look.
Try this amazing video if you have more time and you’d like to try the big doll eyes look… How awesome!!

A cone-shaped hat, patent boots and white gloves finished my look off nicely.

Despite not having enough time to make the costume look the way I wanted I was still pretty happy with it and spent the night in creepy character.

Do dolls suffer from hangovers??
(Ahem… I’m just asking for a friend!)
Whatever you get up to this Halloween I hope you have as much fun as I did!

UNITARD: Move Dancewear
HAT: eBay (an easy DIY)
BOOTS: c/o Jones
WIG: Old
GLOVES: Vintage

costume ideas evil harlequin doll

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