Romantic Wedding Outfit | Florals and Pearls

romantic wedding outfit florals and Pearls

Do you ever reach for something SO far away from your normal personal style that you almost have to give yourself a shake…? romantic wedding outfit florals and Pearls

“Erm, what ARE you doing Sam!?”

Well, for me, today was one of those days.

This outfit is a perfect example of a romantic, floaty and feminine look… not my usual vibe at all.
I’m even wearing a string of pearls.
Feeling like a lady and (surprisingly) loving it.

Sometimes it’s great fun to play around with your personal style.
Fashion is supposed to be FUN after all!

romantic wedding outfit florals and Pearls

This is a great wedding guest outfit.
Romantic and pretty.
Appropriate for the occasion.
Comfortable and easy to wear.
Dressed up enough to make the effort but not too OTT to be disrespectful.

(You know those outfits you see that are trying to outshine the bride… usually plunged too low or slashed too high!)

romantic wedding outfit florals and Pearls

A floaty hanky-hemmed dress in soft colours is easily accessorised with a metal bow belt and a string of pearls.
I could have added something geometric or bold but sometimes it’s good to wear a different piece.
It felt pretty good.
I’ve added my favourite wrap (which I wear everywhere from sofa surfing to yoga) and these pink shoes.

These shoes are THE comfiest heels I own.
They’re old Marc Jacobs and I’ve never found a pair as comfortable.
The heel is not high at all and I can easily walk around all day.
Maybe not the sexiest of heels but perfect for an all-day event.

Where did you get your perfect all-day heel?
Or, are you still on the hunt?
I’d love to hear about your favourites and have some new brands and styles to search for!

DRESS: Lace and Beads @Topshop
SHOES: Marc Jacobs (old) … these are CUTE and on sale.
BAG: Linea (old)… try this
BELT: Asos
NECKLACE: Borrowed!
CASHMERE WRAP: c/o Italy in Cashmere

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