cropped hoodie with shirt underneath

Croped Hoodie with Shirt Underneath (20++ UNIQUE)

When you’re the kind of person that often goes out to various places and is vulnerable to cold temperatures, you can wear a hoodie. But if you’re strong enough and still want to wear one, a cropped hoodie will be a great alternative. It won’t protect you from cold temperatures as a normal hoodie does. However, you can counter it by wearing a cropped hoodie with shirt underneath.

Aside from protecting you from bad weather, wearing a cropped hoodie with shirt underneath can also make you look more beautiful. There are a lot of color pairings that you can try on, as well as various combinations of cropped hoodies and shirts. Let’s take a look at some of the best-cropped hoodie with shirt underneath ideas!


1. Wear a Normal Shirt Underneath

Let’s start off with something simple: wearing a cropped hoodie with shirt underneath! It’s plain and simple, right? All you need to do is find a shirt that has a color that matches your crop hoodie. It doesn’t have to be the same color, but they need to complement each other! For instance, you can wear a dark gray shirt if you have a maroon red crop hoodie.

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2. Brown and Black Combination

Brown and black combinations for upper wear makes you look more elegant and fancier. Therefore, we highly recommend you to try this set! By wearing a light brown cropped hoodie with shirt underneath, you may attract lots of attention. A tank top would also be a great alternative.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath

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3. Black and Black

If you want to maximize the idea of wearing a cropped hoodie with shirt underneath, then a super cropped hoodie will be crucial. The first idea for a super cropped hoodie is to wear a black cropped hoodie and pair it with a black tank top or sports bra!

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4. Red and Black Combo

If you don’t like a mono color outfit, you can probably try mixing black with red. Try finding a black cropped hoodie with red stripes. Then, make sure to wear a red crop top t-shirt that is similar to the stripes. To complete the ensemble, you need to have a black trouser.


5. Wear a Mesh Cropped Hoodie and Black Underwear

A cropped hoodie with shirt underneath can also be a great outfit option for night parties at various clubs. For this occasion, you can try to use a mesh cropped hoodie. That way, the fishnet can expose your black underwear or crop top that you wear underneath.

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6. Black Mesh Cropped Hoodie with White Tank Top

Most people thought that you can’t move freely in a mesh cropped hoodie. However, most mesh cropped hoodies proved to be elastic and flexible. Moreover, you can pair a cropped hoodie with another tank top underneath. White would be a great choice to consider! 

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7. Fishnet Cropped Hoodie with Jumpsuit

It turns out that there are a lot of awesome fishnet cropped hoodie with shirt underneath ideas that you can play with! Another amazing option is to wear a jumpsuit underneath the beautiful fishnet cropped hoodie. Try wearing contrasting colors!

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8. All-white Cropped Hoodie with Shirt Underneath

White really rivals black in terms of popularity, due to its neutral nature. Therefore, it will be exciting to try on an all-white ensemble of cropped hoodie with shirt underneath. You can choose to wear a zip hoodie or a conventional one with long sleeve. Moreover, pairing it with a black shorts will be awesome.


9. Contrasting Colors

Although black and white are two of the most popular colors, they contrast each other. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t combine them in your outfit idea. As a matter of fact, you can try and wear a white crop top that is covered by a black pullover crop hoodie as an extra layer.

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10. Pink and White Pairing

Pink is a feminine color that is very popular in many women’s outfits. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to try a cropped hoodie with shirt underneath with this color. For starters, you should find a pink super cropped hoodie and a white sports bra. For the bottom wear, you can choose between white or pink!


11. Black and Yellow Combo

Previously, we have mentioned that despite the opposite nature of black and white, they can still harmonize well. It turns out that white isn’t the only pairing option for black, as you can also use yellow to balance the dark nature of black. So, try to wear a yellow crop top shirt underneath your black super cropped hoodie!


12. Colorful Cropped Hoodie

When you’re going to some fancy diner with your friends, you should make sure to be in a cheerful mood. A light and bright outfit should help reflect that. That’s the reason why we encourage you to find a bright-colored cropped hoodie to wear for once in a while. Don’t worry, you can wear a white or gray tank top underneath to balance the color.

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13. Knitted Cropped Hoodie

Having a knitted cropped hoodie in your collection is great, as you can use it for several occasions like workout day. It will be even better if you can wear pants with matching colors. To top it off, you can also wear a sports bra inside. Although it won’t be too visible, you can be sure that it adds to the overall appearance.


14. Out of the Blue!

Pun is intended when we think of this cropped hoodie with shirt underneath! As a matter of fact, it is rare to see people wear a blue cropped hoodie. However, the result is actually quite amazing, especially if you combine it with a white crop top shirt.

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15. Black and Stripes Set

An all-black outfit is great to wear. A black and white combination isn’t that bad too. And if you think about it, wearing a black cropped hoodie with striped crop top shirt underneath is an adequate choice. It’s a casual option that is great for parties or as a nightclub outfit.


16. Use a Red Tank Top

We have brought up the idea of wearing a black cropped hoodie that is paired with a red crop top. But here’s a cool alternative: wear a tank top inside a plain black cropped hoodie! It will make you look as cool as the previous idea, and you won’t have to bother finding complex-pattern outfits anymore.

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17. All-gray Outfit

Gray outfits are really underrated. In fact, you can wear an all-gray cropped hoodie with shirt underneath and still look cool! It is perfect for any casual occasion, or when you’re feeling in the mood for hanging out in the mall. Try to pair it with white pants or shorts too.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath

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18. Chains, Lots of It

If your name is Alice, then this outfit combination is the ideal dress code for you (ever heard of Alice in Chains?). Wearing a chained crop hoodie with shirt underneath gives out youth and a little bit of punk vibe, and it’s really great for parties or a photoshoot session.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath


19. Cropped Hoodie with Dress

Cropped hoodies can also be worn for formal events. After all, some cropped hoodies are able to contain a dress underneath! Due to the nature of the event, you may try to wear mainstream colors, like black and white. If you happen to own a white cropped hoodie, then pair it with a black dress and heels.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath


20. Buttoned-down Shirt Inside

This next idea may seem a little bit unorthodox for some people, but it’s still worth a try! We’re sure that you have a buttoned-down shirt with a long sleeve in your collection. Try wearing it underneath your cropped hoodie without tucking it. It’ll result in a relaxing and casual outfit that is still very stylish.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath


21. Pair White and Another Bright Color

White is a really bright and cheerful color on its own. But should you try and pair it with another bright color, you’re still making the right decision. In fact, we recommend you to try out yellow or light green shirts or tank tops! Let’s see if it can draw people’s attention towards you.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath

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22. Unzip the Hoodie

If you truly want a brilliant experience while wearing a cropped hoodie with shirt underneath, you should really own a zipped crop hoodie. The reason? It can be unzipped anytime you want, enabling you to expose the extra outfit underneath!

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath

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23. Matching Zipped Hoodie

We’re not over the zipped crop hoodie outfit ideas yet, because there are a lot of options that you can play with. In fact, you can also try to wear a matching zipped crop hoodie and shirt underneath. For example, black cropped hoodies and crop tops are a great idea. Don’t worry about the bottom wear, as it isn’t all that necessary to match its colors.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath

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24. Gothic Theme

Wearing a gothic-themed outfit is great for a lot of reasons. If you have a moody feeling, wearing a gothic-themed outfit is great to express yourself. Besides that, you can also use it for Halloween parties. To complete the ensemble, you can wear a chained cropped hoodie and striped tee inside.

cropped hoodie with shirt underneath


25. Gray Zipped Hoodie and Black Shirt Underneath

To end our list of awesome cropped hoodie with shirt underneath ideas, we’re recommending this pretty ensemble: a pair of gray cropped hoodie and black shirt. It’s a great combination, as they both complement each other. You can also wear gray shorts that match the color of your zipped crop hoodie.

Do You Wear a Shirt Under a Crop Hoodie?

Yes, you can wear a shirt under a crop hoodie. Although it’s not common, wearing one underneath will still make you look beautiful and cool!

What Do You Wear Under a Crop Hoodie?

There are a lot of things that you can wear under a crop hoodie! A common option is to use crop tops. However, you can also choose to wear tank tops or other tees. 

How Do You Wear a Super Cropped Hoodie?

To wear a super cropped hoodie, you will need to have an extra layer underneath, as the hoodie won’t cover most parts of your body. Therefore, it is recommended to use a sports bra or crop top that matches the color of your super cropped hoodie. 

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