matching outfits for couples and baby

Matching Outfits for Couples and Baby (30 Best Ideas)

No matter how big your family is, you must always ensure that each member is always happy. After all, that’s the most important thing in a family, right? Perhaps, you can boost the morale by taking all the members out for a fun get-together or a family photo shoot. What’s more fun about those activities is the opportunity for couples and their baby to wear matching outfits!

Yep, couples and their baby can wear some matching outfits for fun. In fact, it will emanate a cheerful vibe to other people and show how intimate you guys are. There are a lot of awesome matching outfits for couples and baby ideas that you can consider, and we’re here to recommend the best of them. Please check these amazing ideas out!

1. Matching Brown Shorts

Matching Brown Shorts


Our first idea for matching outfits for couples and their baby is pretty simple and casual. On a normal day, you can all wear matching brown shorts. To further reflect your cheerful mood, you can find dark brown shorts and pair them with a white shirt. It’s also perfect for a beach day.

2. Sporty Family

Sporty Family

(source: evettexo/

Having a healthy family that enjoys sports is very awesome. After all, you can enjoy a lot of fun activities that will keep your body in good shape. For a sporty couple and baby, we’re recommending all of you to wear casual sports shirts with the same color and design for the weekend. 

3. All-red Outfits

All-Red Outfits

(source: boujie doll 💋🧸./

Wearing all-red, matching outfits for couples and baby also seems like a great idea. You can ask your hubby and baby to wear a cute and casual hoodie. If you want to join the party, it’ll be great. However, wearing a cropped t-shirt that has the same color would also be nice.

4. Matching Pajamas

Matching Pajamas

(source: MALANGALI22/

Who says that you can’t wear any matching outfits for couples and baby at home? In fact, having the same pajamas can also be cool and fun. You can even immortalize the memory by wearing the awesome pajamas in a photoshoot! It’ll definitely raise the mood around the entire family member. 

5. Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas


Another great matching outfit for couples and baby ideas is to wear Christmas-themed pajamas. Although it has a cheerful and light theme for Christmas, you can also wear this outside the holiday season. Moreover, finding one with an awesome motive will be a sick idea for any pajama party. 

6. Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets symbolize the awesome culture and history of American high schools. Although your baby isn’t qualified to enter a university yet, you can still ask him/her to wear a mini varsity jacket. To match the theme, you couples should also wear one, paired with matching pants and sneakers. 

7. Funny Matching Quotes

Funny Matching Quotes


Matching outfits for couples and their baby doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always find the exact same shirt with similar details in the design. In fact, you can find several matching outfits for couples and babies with funny quotes that complement each other. You three will definitely look cute when walking together in a park. 

8. Winnie the Pooh: Everyone’s Favorite Bear

Winnie The Pooh: Everyone’s Favorite Bear

(source: itslydboss/

Babies love cartoons as much as they love sleeping and crying. One iconic character that is beloved by everyone is Winnie the Pooh. Therefore, you can try finding shirts or pants with a Winnie the Pooh character printed on them. Wearing a beanie with matching color will also make you cute. 

9. Brown-themed Outfit

Brown-Themed Outfit

(source: Rcvc_05/

Light brown is a great color for you to wear, should you want to have matching outfits for couples and baby. It presents warmth and positive energy. For a great ensemble, you can try on matching brown coats and sneakers. Wear a white shirt as an extra layering inside!

10. Matching Shirt ID

Matching Shirt ID


Do you know what would be a great matching outfit idea? Having matching shirts with the same color but with their own unique design. One shirt can be used for your husband/the daddy, while you can wear the mommy shirt. Pair it with comfortable and casual trousers, and you’re good to go!

11. Matching Shoes

Matching Shoes

(source: AceThaQween/

If your small family enjoys the fun of doing outdoor activities, then you shouldn’t afford to miss out on the chance to wear matching footwear. For sports reasons, we highly encourage you to find basketball sneakers. They usually have the best design, and they offer comfort while strolling the streets. 

12. Pinkie Family

Pinkie Family

(source: cananvolkancetin/

A man should never be ashamed of wearing a pink-colored outfit. In fact, wearing a pink-themed outfit with the whole family will show people that your husband is a family guy. While your partner and baby can wear a casual shirt, you can choose to wear a cute cropped hoodie with the same color. 

13. Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!


Mickey Mouse is another globally-loved animated character that is enjoyed by millions of parents and babies. Therefore, you should consider wearing Mickey Mouse shirts when visiting Disneyworld! A great addition would be to add Mickey Mouse ears headbands for the whole family. 

14. Elegant Outfits

Elegant Outfits

Matching elegant outfits can be used for various occasions. Aside from an awesome photoshoot session, you can attend wedding parties using the combination. Try wearing white t-shirt and pair it with jeans and boots (or shoes). Your baby can also have an all-white costume!

15. Floral Matching Outfits

Floral Matching Outfits


Wearing matching outfits for couples and baby that have floral designs is perfect for those of you who’re planning for a sunny trip to Hawaii or beaches. You can wear a beautiful dress, while your baby and partner can use a similar shirt with the same design. Make sure to bring sunglasses and a hat!

16. All-white Combination

All-White Combination


Wearing matching outfits for couples and baby that have floral designs is perfect for those of you who’re planning for a sunny trip to Hawaii or beaches. You can wear a beautiful dress, while your baby and partner can use a similar shirt with the same design. Make sure to bring sunglasses and a hat!

17. Go Blue

Go Blue


A blue-colored combination is also a great consideration for you. With this particular set, you can choose to use an all-blue attire (such a blue sleeveless neck dress). It’s also not a bad idea to wear a blue shirt and pair it with a white skirt, as it still represents a calm and light vibe. 

18. Stars, Lots of It!

Stars, Lots Of It!


Twinkle, twinkle, little star… If your loved one loves that lullaby, you should probably honor it by going out with a star-themed matching outfit. The easiest option will be to find hoodies that have that specific theme. Each hoodie doesn’t need to have the same design, as long as its filled with stars.

19. Jeans Family

Jeans Family

(source: @Chrissails_)

It feels weird if you don’t have at least one pair of jeans in your closet. After all, jeans are so comfortable and fashionable at the same time. So, why not wear matching jeans with your partner and baby? Ripped or not, your choice! To balance the light mood, all of you should wear white shirts. 

20. All-out Denim!

All-Out Denim!

(source: pinterest)

When you already have matching denim jeans, you might be wondering if you should complete the whole ensemble with said material, right? Dare we say, go for it! A combination of a plain, white shirt with a denim jacket as an extra layering will be enough for your upper body. 

21. Go Casual

matching outfits for couples and baby

(source: Tiêu Quách Thần)

In the mood of spending the weekend in a fancy mall or restaurant, but feeling too lazy to dress up? Thankfully, casual matching outfits for couples and baby are still good and simple enough for those occasions. All you need to do is wear a beautiful shirt dress and sneakers, matched by the blue-white combination of your husband and baby.  

22. Patriotic Family

matching outfits for couples and baby


Planting the seed of patriotism since a very tender age is a great idea. Although we don’t expect you to indoctrinate them, small things like dressing your babies with military-themed outfits will be great. To match the style, you can also wear a camo-finished shirt or crop top!

23. Personalized Matching Shirts

matching outfits for couples and baby


If you truly want unique matching outfits for couples and baby, then you should just go ahead and find customizable shirts that you can personalize. Your imagination is your limit, as long as all of the shirts have related design and color. Make sure to wear matching pants too!

24. White Shirts and Blue Jeans

matching outfits for couples and baby


Wearing a combination of white and blue will be really nice, especially for a photoshoot session. Besides that, it can also be used for a nice dinner experience with your small family. Start off by finding a white, casual shirt. Then, pair it with nice and comfortable jeans!

25. Flintstones Family!

matching outfits for couples and baby


A Halloween or cosplay party couldn’t get any better when the Flintstones are in town. For this idea to work, your partner can dress up as Fred, accompanied by yours truly, Wilma. Thankfully, Wilma’s and Fred’s costumes are quite simple, and so is Pebbles! All you need is extra prop. 

26. Arabian Night

matching outfits for couples and baby


Here’s another awesome matching outfits for couples and baby idea: an Aladdin-themed cosplay. You both can choose to dress like Jasmine and Aladdin from either the live action or animated movie. Due to the fact that we don’t know who Jasmine and Aladdin’s kid is, you can dress your baby as Apu!

27. Simple is the Name

matching outfits for couples and baby


Why take a lot of time to dress, when you can simply wear casual outfits for an evening stroll with your couple and baby? For this idea, all you need is a simple shirt that is comfortable to wear. If you wear a white shirt, you can easily pair it with any of your favorite trousers. 

28. Different Model, Same Color

matching outfits for couples and baby


Some people thought that wearing matching outfits for couples and baby require you to have exact models from the top to bottom. However, that’s rarely the case! For example, you can wear a nice crop top and skirt, while your partner and child use a casual t-shirt. If the color matches, there’ll be no problem!

29. Matching Hoodies

matching outfits for couples and baby


If you don’t want to bother in finding matching clothes, then perhaps a hoodie will suffice. After all, hoodies were made in similar design. Therefore, all you need is to find a set of hoodies with various sizes that have the same color. Simply pair them with jeans and you’re good to go! 

30. Matching Beach Wears

matching outfits for couples and baby


A beach day also means a nice and refreshing vacation to release all the stress. However, you’re also required to wear fashionable outfits. If you’re going with your couple and baby, make sure to wear a swimsuit that matches the color of your baby’s outfit and partner’s swim pants. 

Why Do Families Wear Matching Outfits?

Families wear matching outfits to show the world of their tight bond and chemistry. Besides that, wearing matching outfits for couples and baby is also great for photoshoot sessions or a casual stroll at night. 

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