DIY Fashion • I knitted my own dress 😳 • De-stressing

diy fashion i knitted

Yes, you read that correctly… diy fashion i knitted
I knitted a dress.

A handmade, hand-knitted dress sounds pretty ghastly, doesn’t it?
Like one of those dolly toilet roll covers from the 60’s and 70’s.
This could go either way!

To tell you the truth, I only started this knitting project to occupy my stressed out hands.
Picking up needles and a hook stopped me picking my cuticles and to gave me something to focus my mind on, instead of worrying.

I didn’t for one minute think I’d be able to wear any of my creations.
I had every intention to knit them up, pull them out and knit something else.
I deliberately bought wooden needles and delicious yarn so the process of knitting would be a pleasure.
Using the craft as a kind of therapy.

However, much to my surprise, not only do I love the process of following a pattern I’ve also started to modify and amend the patterns to suit my needs.
Also, to my astonishment, I love the results!
So much so that I’ve been knitting (and crocheting) up a few different pieces recently.

A bag.

Some for me.
Some to give as gifts.

diy fashion i knitted

All made with love.

This dress makes me particularly happy.
It’s comfortable, very soft and I really enjoyed making it.

It also appeals to my sense of individual style.
I know that no one else will be wearing anything like this.

Of course, a handmade garment is not for everyone.
Some might say it’s ugly.
Some might cringe at the memory of childhood homemade clothes and handmade jumpers.
I get it.
It’s a niche, for sure!

Anything handmade will almost certainly not be perfect (for me, that’s the beauty) and hand made items veer towards rustic rather than chic BUT, despite all of that, I still love them!

I intend to be wearing this dress a lot this summer.
I know the work that went into every stage and I love it even more for that.

2020 has been a bad year so far but there is a small positive… I’m embracing my creative side and happily wearing the results.

Are you a crafter?
A knitter, crocheter, needlepoint lover?
Do you make cards?
Paint or draw?
All of the above?!
I’d love to hear about your de-stressing hobbies.

(Now that I’m looking at these photos I think I might knit a plain denim version of this dress and add a crocheted open section … maybe arcade stitch?… to the hem to make it longer and more interesting… hmmmmm)

diy fashion i knitted

DRESS: A kit pattern that I modified. (from Wool and the Gang)
MAC: Topshop (old and eBayed)
BAG: Vintage
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine

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