Lockdown Fashion • Leggings and a Sack Dress made Chic!

lockdown fashion leggings

An uncompromising lockdown look that involves leggings, sliders and a big baggy top. lockdown fashion leggings and a sack dress made chic

Leggings and a top.
What could be easier (or lazier) dressing?
Not much that I can think of!

I’m not fighting my inner sloth any longer.
Leggings it is!

For today, my “baggy top” is a billowing cotton sack dress.
Okay, not EXACTLY at top.
But I’m using artistic licence… it’s a (very) long top!

I absolutely LOVE this dress and I wanted to show that baggy and comfortable can be (a little bit) stylish after all!

lockdown fashion leggings

This dress is billowing, bold and beautiful.

It’s made from sateen cotton that is so crisp and lovely.

However, it does have a few things going against it…

  • It’s big, shapeless and baggy.
  • It’s completely see-through (I’m wearing a nude-coloured short full slip under it here)
  • White and I tend to end up in a slitter-fest. 

{Slitter= The art of spilling one’s food and/or drink down oneself.}

Are you a slitter too?

I’d love to know!

lockdown fashion leggings

All of that aside, this dress is a winner for me.
I love the drama, and I love how comfortable it is to wear.

It’s the perfect summer piece.

However, there is one small issue that arises here…


Have I taken leave of my senses wearing a light cotton dress?
No, of course not!

I have a love of all things thermal, and this outfit is no exception.

I’m wearing a thermal base layer and a pair of double layered full-length leggings.

Yes, I have bare toes in these photos but the truth is, I wouldn’t be able to wear these shoes out and about at this time of year.
(Unless I wanted fewer toes by the end of the day.)
So, these comfy sandals were my indoor slippers.

Adding a blazer, even if it has a soft structure like this one, instantly turns a baggy mess into a “LOOK”.

This blazer added shape and a little smartness.
Layered necklaces kept the relaxed feeling going, as did the bag.
Very Boho!

I don’t normally favour a boho look but these touches felt feminine and fun which was just what I needed.

BTW… As, predicted, I did end up having a little slitter on this dress.
However, its was NOT the pasta (that I was expecting).
I (surprisingly) dodged that bullet.
BUT… I stupidly sloshed my tea down myself when dunking a chocolate hobnob.
Told you so!!

DRESS: Weekday (eBayed a while ago)
SHOES: Primark (borrowed from my daughter)
JACKET: The £1 rail at a local charity shop
NECKLACES: Various gifts and vintage bits
BAG: Vintage

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