Dressing Too young Winter floral jumpsuit.

Are they not a bit “Too young” for us?

This question popped into my head after an interesting conversation I had with a colleague.
To cut a long story short…
She does not like shopping for clothes because she struggles to find things that are appropriate for her age.
“I don’t want to dress too young, Sam”.
Now, before I go on, I must let you know that this lady has the most amazing, tall and slender figure.
Yes, she is in her 50’s BUT she still has her neat curves, toned arms and an enviably teeny waist.
Not to mention her striking colouring.
And she is worrying about dressing “Too young”.
I wondered why?

We had a very enjoyable discussion where she argued her case well but, in the end, we had to agree to disagree.
I could understand her point of view but, I honestly think that no item of clothing is too young for anybody…Ever!
As long as the person wearing it: loves it, it fits well, suits the body it is on and is appropriate for the occasion, then it is a winner!

Of course you could throw a curved ball, and say…
“What about gold lame micro shorts then…Eh?”
Well, if there was an occasion that required gold lame micro shorts and they fit me well (and I had on some strong denier dance tights) then… Yes, I would wear them!

This got me thinking about jumpsuits.

It will not surprise you to hear that I think Jumpsuits can be worn at any age.

If you like jumpsuits, and they suit your body shape, then you should definitely be going for it!
Life it too short to be worrying that you are too old.
You will never again be as young as you are today….so have some fun!

dressing too young winter floral

A jumpsuit like this one is such a versatile shape.
It can be worn with boots (just now) but, would look great with sandals (or converse-style gutties) in warmer weather.
It can be dressed up or down, casual or smart.
Conservative or sexy.
On it’s own, or with layers.

It is also incredibly comfortable…almost too comfortable to be classed as a ‘real’ item of clothing.
It’s like spending all day in your PJ’s, I felt like such a fraud!

dressing too young winter floral

Even though the fabric is quite substantial I still needed a pair of thermal leggings and a warm polo neck underneath.
{Standing in my thermal undies, I looked like I was going skiing}
Cosy socks and chunky boots were a must, it was far too cold for anything else.

I also wore a long cashmere waistcoat.
It is quite a fine knit but twice as warm as some of my chunkier pieces.
The finer knit also makes it look a little bit smarter.

The jumpsuit had enough going on with it’s winter floral pattern, so I kept accessories to a minimum.
I did need a belt though, and this green one seemed the perfect choice.

dressing too young winter floral

Would you (do you) wear a jumpsuit?

Is there anything you think is too young for you?
What age do you think we become too old to dress too young?!

Please join the discussion and let me know your thoughts on this subject.
I always love to hear your opinion…so please leave a comment.

Or, if you prefer, Tweet me @samantha4blair

Jumpsuit: WalG at Topshop (this one is nice, if you prefer a sleeve)
Under-top: Next (similar)
Boots: London Rebel
Bag: Osprey (again!) I have others, honestly! This one is lovely.
Waistcoat: The brand is Maison Cinqcent.
Belt: Unknown (similar)

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