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Drip Outfits (30 Top Ideas That Will Drown You in Style)

For die-hard hip-hop fans, style is everything. Get ready to elevate your swag with our curated list of drip outfits that exude style and confidence. We understand that achieving the perfect drip look takes effort, but fear not, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Explore tips and outfit ideas inspired by artists to help you unleash your cool factor. Get ready to turn heads and embody true hip-hop style!

1. Combine Black and White Outfits

drip outfit

We do realize that most drip outfits that young and happy people love to wear involve colorful clothes and attires. However, it’s nice to go back to your roots and use something simple, just occasionally. Just look at the picture above! A combination of black and white attire won’t hurt you, right?

To wear this kind of drip outfit, you’ll need to wear a white cropped top, paired with black jeans or a cardigan. Then, you can also mix it with black pants! This is a really nice outfit to be worn in a nightclub, so make sure to try it out. 

2. The “Elton John” Outfit

drip outfit

It’s no secret that Elton John is no rapper. However, his fancy outfits are drippy, which is why we must include a drip outfit that is inspired by his awesomeness. Perhaps, you can start by wearing his signature heart sunglasses. Then, a colorful coat with a pink shirt will follow suit!

Drip outfits can be worn by people of all ages! For an elder who would like to wear a fun drip outfit, this might be the one for you!

3. More Drip Please!

drip outfit

Never be shy in picking fancy attire for your drip outfit. As a matter of fact, the more you “drip”, the better it will look. For a stylish and cool-looking girl, you can try an ensemble that is based on the brown and white color. Wear a white shirt and pair it with brown jeans

While the notion of wearing a white shirt and brown jeans is cool, you can still add a little something to the look. Perhaps, a striped jacket (made with both colors) will be just fine. Plus, don’t forget to wear sunglasses as well! It’ll be one of the best drip outfits a girl can dream of. 

4. All-black Outfit

drip outfit
Source: pinterest.com/pin.it

Remember what we told you before, that neutral colors are still great for your drip outfit? Well, it’s time to try it out and use an all-black drip outfit for casual occasions. Up above, you can combine a black shirt (or tank top) with a bomber jacket. Then, finish the combination by wearing black pants!

Yes, the name of the game is, indeed, to wear an all-black outfit. However, there’s no one here to stop you should you choose and wear a pair of white sneakers as well. As a matter of fact, most people love to use this trick, and they look really cool in it. 

5. A Contrasting Beanie will be Interesting

drip outfit

Yes, wearing an all-black drip outfit is a cool and interesting idea for both men and women. But don’t forget that you can also mix it with other colors, just like we suggested before with the white sneakers. This time, it will be to wear something on your head, and what better way to decorate it other than by wearing a beanie?

Wearing a beanie might make someone look cuter. But to do that, you should make sure that it stands out. Therefore, you can wear a beanie with a contrasting color, like yellow or pink!

6. Ripped Jeans will be Important

drip outfit
Source: instagram.com/dripz_uk

When you take a quick glance at ripped jeans, you know that they simply exist for one purpose: to make a drip outfit look good. That’s the reason why we’re saying that ripped jeans are important for your ensemble. You can pair them with practically any clothes you own, such as a black leather jacket.

7. All-white Outfit

drip outfit
Source: instagram.com/onlydrippy.uk

It never feels right to include an all-black outfit without mentioning its partner-in-crime, the all-white outfit. This time, we’re going to be asking you to do something different. Instead of wearing a leather jacket, you can show your swag by wearing a white hoodie and sweatpants. Then, you can also use a pair of white sneakers down below. 

8. Green and Black

drip outfit

Yep, now is the right time to come up with awesome drip outfits with brighter attire. One of the main reasons is simple: drippy outfits are all about style, and fancy clothes are normally lighter in color. That’s the reason why you can consider wearing a green shirt when meeting your friends in a nightclub or at a mall. 

Some people aren’t particularly comfortable wearing a full-on bright outfit. If you feel the same, you can balance it out by wearing black leather jeans. Such a lovely and trendy drip outfit!

9. Basketball Jerseys are Drippy

drip outfit
Source: instagram.com/mscrisssy

People who love hip-hop, or people who love to don swag/drip outfits often wear basketball jerseys. After all, they look simple and casual. Plus, you can simply pair it with basketball shorts and sneakers, and you’ll still look beautiful and stylish. 

Even though a basketball jersey is often considered enough to make someone look cool, there are some more ways to make you look even cooler. Perhaps, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat will be a great idea. Go try it out!

10. Tight Dress is A’ight

drip outfit
Source: armaniscloset.com

Here’s one cool outfit idea that women should try on, and it’s to wear a tight dress. There are a lot of reasons to consider this idea, but you can mainly wear tight dresses to show off your beautiful body and attract people’s attention. Should we also tell you that it also looks great in a dark place as well? Just make sure and find one with a brighter color!

11. The Pop-Punk Swag

drip outfit

Drip outfits are normally associated with the rap and hip-hop genres. However, we can also borrow other genres’ styles to create a lovely drip outfit. One style that fits the bill is the pop-punk outfit. 

For this style, you will want to wear a multi-layered outfit. A black tank top and red shorts will be a great start to the ensemble. Then, you can cover them with a lovely red jacket!

12. Ninja Drip Outfit

drip outfit
Source: ghgossip.com

Who knows that dressing as a ninja can also be categorized as a drip outfit? Plus, it won’t require you to own bizarre outfits. All you need is to wear a matching hoodie and pants. Then, cover a part of your face with a mask and sunglasses!

13. Black, Blue, and White Outfit

drip outfit
Source: twitter.com/dripclothingco

There are still a lot of drip outfits on our list that you can try on. This combination of black, blue, and white outfits might be great for men. Try and wear a long-sleeved black shirt and pair it with light blue jeans. Then, finish off the combination by wearing a pair of sneakers. 

Naturally, you’re going to need to wear some additional accessories to make your outfit drippy. Aside from the obvious (wearing sunglasses), you can also wear a plaid shirt and wrap it around your waist. 

14. Fancy Drip Dress

drip outfit
Source: stylevore.com/Amy Heather

Previously, we have talked about wearing tight, drippy dresses with bright color that looks stunning even at nighttime. However, you can also wear a fancy outfit by finding something different. A more natural color would be great for this occasion, such as a beige dress and coat. You can also wear a white cropped top!

For a fancy outfit, the combination before isn’t enough! You still need to wear a fancy hat, sunglasses, and boots!

Yes, we have tried out this dress, and dare we say that we look gorgeous (and that’s an understatement!). 

15. Red and Blue Outfit

drip outfit

If we haven’t said it enough already, then we’re going to repeat it again: colorful outfits are effective for a nice drip outfit! That’s the reason why we’re recommending you the chance to mesh red and blue into your ensemble. 

Combining red and blue attires will be a fun and challenging process, but we’re here to nudge you in the right direction. Start by wearing a blue shirt, then mix it with red pants! You can also look more adorable by wearing a red hat as well!

16. Drip Outfits for Raving

drip outfit
Source: etsy.com

Although drip outfits can be used for different occasions, one activity that stands out is a rave during a fun night out at a nightclub. It’ll take some planning, but we’re confident with our idea for you guys

First, make sure to find a dress, a bright one that is! You’d want to stand out by wearing a bright-colored dress, as it makes you more noticeable in the dark.

Then, make sure that your outfit drips. Perhaps, a sexy look is what you want to go for this occasion. Therefore, try and consider wearing festival dresses that are a little bit revealing and light at the same time. 

17. Pink and Blue Outfit

drip outfit
Source: vavel.com

Now let’s make sure that boys also get the same amount of drip outfit ideas on this list. For a calmer (yet still fancy) approach, boys might want to try and wear a pink attire to their drip outfit. Here’s a great idea: a pink hoodie! It will work perfectly when combined with ripped jeans as well. 

18. Psychedelic Style

drip outfit
Source: etsy.com

It’s not a recommendable thing to do, but we do know that some people enjoy taking acids and LSDs, which leads to the psychedelic style. Fortunately for you, implementing some psychedelic style into your drip outfit is also a good idea.

For this style, you might want to wear something colorful. Don’t forget that those colors should resemble a trippy experience that LSDs might give you. There are a lot of hoodies with this kind of style or pattern, so make sure to find one that suits your style!

19. All-pink Outfit

All-pink Outfit
Source: jjfabkloset.com

Yes, boys might look cool and adorable with a pink shirt or hoodie. However, an all-pink drip outfit will suit better for women. There are some ways to do this as well. You can find a nice pair of pink shirts and shorts and wear them together, or wear a pink, drippy dress for a night out with your girlfriends. 

20. Yellow and Blue Outfit

Yellow and Blue Outfit
Source: pinterest.com/amazon

Now, this outfit combination is drippy as heck! After all, a combination of yellow (which is bright and colorful) and blue (a calming color) attire is a great one to consider. Sprinkle both colors across your body! If you decide to wear a yellow shirt, you can find a long-sleeved one and pair it with ripped jeans. Then, you can also wear a blue baseball cap and white sneakers with yellow laces!

21. Red Cropped Top

Red Cropped Top

Did you expect us to miss including at least one cropped top idea in our list of drip outfits? Not a chance, bud!

Cropped tops suit perfectly for women, but which color should you wear? If you remember what we said before, colorful attire should be considered when wearing drip outfits, so red is highly suggested! You can also pair it with lovely sunglasses. 

22. Summer Drip Outfit

Summer Drip Outfit
Source: etsy.com

Drip outfits can be worn all-year long, but you need to make some slight adjustments, depending on the season. For a hotter period of the year, especially the summer, wearing less clothes on your body is highly recommended. 

Floral outfits are perfect for summer, which is why you should consider them! Simply wear a pair that features a shirt and shorts when you’re going out with your friends to the beach!

23. Green Outfits

Green Outfits
Source: instagram.com/zuartino

The beautiful thing about wearing drip outfits is that you can think of fancy and unique clothes that are probably not used for normal occasions. Take green clothes as an example! Although it looks great, we understand that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Drippy people, however, would always welcome the opportunity to wear this kind of outfit, so make sure to try it out!

24. Purple Hoodie

Purple Hoodie
Source: instagram.com/og_3three

When we’re talking about hoodies, people would often think of one with a neutral or natural color, like black or gray. But to show off more swag, you can’t follow the bandwagon! That’s the reason why purple hoodies are a popular choice within the community!

Wearing a purple hoodie alone is not enough. You should also pair it with purple jogger pants! There are a lot of people who have tried this trick and look great, so you should too. 

25. Wear a Bright Cap and Shoes

Wear a Bright Cap and Shoes
Source: tumblr.com/fyefits

The notion of wearing bright attires or accessories for your drip outfit is great. However, it doesn’t mean that you should create an entire ensemble with bright-colored outfits. You can just wear bright-colored accessories in the form of a light blue cap and white sneakers. 

To balance the crazy cap and shoes, you can wear a more toned-down outfit. A denim jacket (with a white shirt underneath), as well as black jeans, will be cool enough. 

26. Red, White, and Blue Outfit

Red, White, and Blue Outfit
Source: pinterest.com/LOOKBOOK

You know what would be a cool idea? Wearing a drip outfit that also makes you the best patriot out there! Assemble an outfit that is made up of red, white, and blue attires, just like the American flag. To accomplish it, a cropped top will be appropriate, combined with black shorts! Trust us, it will look so cool and stylish! 

27. Hoodie and Vest

Hoodie and Vest
Source: stylevore.com/Amy Heather

Who would’ve thought that a hoodie and vest, two outfits that are normally used to cover other outfits, can be combined to form a really swag outfit!? But first things first, make sure that both attires have different colors. Make sure to wear a gray hoodie first, then cover it with a nice, black vest. Please remember that your pants need to have a matching color with the vest. 

28. Wear Stylish Makeup

Wear Stylish Makeups

Drip outfits might rely solely on your outfit choice, but they can also be seen through your makeup. As a matter of fact, you can wear unique makeup with fancy themes, like for instance, gothic! If you love the idea, then your outfit should also match the theme and what better way to do that other than by wearing a black tank top?

29. No Shirt, no Problem!

No Shirt, no Problem!
Source: tmz.com

Who needs a shirt when they’re dripping with sweat without one? Yes, men can look cool and fancy, simply by wearing black jeans and a nice pair of sneakers. Want a tip? Loosen the pants a bit and let them get down a bit so that a part of your underwear might show up! You can also wear a pair of sunglasses as well!

30. Drippy Shirt

Drippy Shirt
Source: twitter.com/dripclothingco

Let’s end our list of drip outfits with something simple and awesome, shall we? We really think that there is no better way to shout out your intention to wear a drip outfit than to wear a shirt with that word on it! It’s really simple but effective at the same time!

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