Dungarees and a Tie Neck Blouse, Black and Blue.

dungarees and tie neck blouse black and blue

I am digging out my dungarees, again, today. dungarees and tie neck blouse black and blue
{See them here, and here}

Unfortunately, they are starting to get that washed-out-denim-look about them.
For me, black denim should be BLACK, so I am off in search of some good fabric dye to bring them back to life.
I might have a look for another pair too, maybe in velvet, for the winter.

dungarees and tie neck blouse black and blue

Anyway, that aside, I am still enjoying wearing them… washed out or not!

dungarees and tie neck blouse black and blue

These dungarees are so comfortable that it is hard to see past them sometimes.
And, they are so easy to dress up or down.

I know the shape can be unflattering on the body, and can shorten the leg, but that can be remedied with a chunky heel.

These sandals have been my go-to shoe this summer because they are so comfortable!

(To be honest, the shapelessness of these dungarees is a blessing after the past couple of weeks!)

Adding a tie neck blouse, and my eye brooch, keeps the look fun and a little bit tongue-in-cheek!

Do you like the look of dungarees?
If not, what puts you off?

Please share in the comments, or contact me.
I love hearing your opinion!

SHOES: Vagabond (now half price)
NAILS: BarryM chai
BLOUSE: Charity shop (this one is similar)
BROOCH: Part of a set from H&M (this one is beautiful)
BAG: A gift.. from Monsoon (this one is nice)

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