Forget Perfect…it’s Okay to be an Idiot! #fakeituntilyoumakeit

forget perfectits okay to be idiot

This post was inspired by an email.

The email was sent to me by a thoughtful reader who had noticed a typo in one of my scheduled emails, and wanted to tell me.

I had used the word ‘summery’ instead of ‘summary’.
Oh dear…
Yep, that happened 😬.

After reading the email I actually laughed out loud at myself.
What an idiot!

This email came a few days after someone else had told me one of my links wasn’t working.
Turns out I had forgotten the ‘www.’.

Should I really be allowed near a computer?? 😜

The lovely lady who pointed out my ‘summery’ error was worried I would be offended.

Why would I be offended by someone trying to help me?

{BTW…I must point out at this point that it takes a lot to offend me… and I mean A LOT.. so no matter what she had said I am unlikely to be offended.
However, in a case like this I am always grateful… no offence caused!}

After the inevitable face-palm, I set to fixing the problem… still chuckling at the fact I can be a total idiot at times.

I’m a speedy, no planning, write-it-as-you-think-it type of writer.
I never prepare a draft.

I just write from my heart, sometimes completely changing direction halfway through a piece.
Often to the point my title makes no sense anymore!

So, typos are (almost) inevitable.

{Of course, I always do a spell check BUT sometimes autocorrect doesn’t know a word is out of context does it?)

I’m impulsive, impatient and get bored checking things over.
I’m trying to do better at the whole ‘checking then double checking’ thing but it’s HARD.

With all of life’s little cock-ups I sometimes I wonder how I hold down a technical job, run a house, remember everything that the family needs AND run a blog.

Often autopilot does the work for me…
Autopilot into idiot land!

forget perfectits okay to be idiot

But you know what?
It’s okay!

SO many people are afraid to be wrong.
I see it every day.
They are so unhappy to be seen to make a mistake that they get aggressive and angry.
They are so concerned about being ‘caught out’ that they run themselves ragged.
They will deflect blame, and even lie just to prevent the ball falling at their feet.

Sometimes the pressure to be perceived as perfect is so great is causes anxiety and stress, making the chance of cocking up even greater.

And for what?
Who has respect for someone who behaves like that?
Not me.
Maybe… but always needing to be in control is stressful, unattainable and unhealthy.
Not likely!

In the end, it’s all for nothing.

forget perfectits okay to be idiot

Years ago I learned to let go of the need to be perfect, and it’s a good job I did because I’m FAR from it!!

Trying to do it all, and do it without error, took it’s toll on my happiness.
I learned to apologise for, or laugh at my mistakes (depending on which is more appropriate) and I’m much happier for it!

I’m constantly balancing on a narrow beam of “holding life together” and I am quite happy to slip off it from time to time!
Luckily I’ve set my bar at a safe height and it’s easy enough to climb back on when I drop off!

What I’m trying to say (in my round about, imperfect way) is “Let it go!”
Give yourself permission to fail and make mistakes.
Learn to laugh at yourself.
Accept criticism and help.

Don’t get offended when someone points out something you could have done better.

{Of course, if the person is being a bitch about it, or trying to humiliate you then stand up for yourself but that goes without saying doesn’t it!}

So a BIG thank you to the lovely Alison, who pointed out my (stupid) error and a BIG thank you to YOU for being here supporting Fake Fabulous!

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you find it hard to make mistakes, fearing ridicule or rejection?
Or, are you quite happy to be an idiot from time to time?
Please let me know in the comments, or send me an email if you’re too shy to share your thoughts here.

Last week the fabulous Monica stole my heart with this picture of her with her beautiful Mum.
Monica is one of my favourite bloggers… she has such an eye for colours, pattern mixing and accessorising in a matchy/clashy way.
It’s a unique skill.
It’s obvious (from this shot) where she gets her stylish genes from!
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