Embroidery and Wet Look Leggings.

embroidery and wet look

Embroidery is big news again this AW16/17, and I am the first to admit that I looked at the trend and thought “Yuck, that’s certainly not for me!”.

This kind of floral embroidery reminds me of cushion covers from my childhood.
Or, Granny’s favourite armchair.

I thought I would quite happily sit this trend out.
Velvet is much more ‘me’ anyway.

embroidery and wet look

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was reading a post by Yvonne funkyforty, and commented that the embroidery trend was not really my kind of thing.
But, I had to admit that she had inspired me to go out and have a fresh look.
Maybe there was something not so cushion-like out there for me to try?

embroidery and wet look

I came across this embroidered shirt when I was out looking for something else (A gym kit for my second youngest) and I was taken by surprise.
It is unlike anything I own, and not my usual style.
It really caught my eye and I thought… “Why not?”.

As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect with something like vinyl leggings.

A real contrast of texture is always a winner, for me.

Maybe I could rock this embroidery trend after all?

A simple (and super-comfortable) outfit came together very easily.
The shirt is long and loose, sitting nicely with the wet-look leggings.
Adding a red under top kept me warm enough for a cool September day, and made the red flowers pop!
My chunky turquoise and coral necklace, and a cluster of interesting rings picked out more colour in the embroidery, and added interest to my look.

Simple red ballet pumps, a black bowling bag and a slick of red lipstick finished things off nicely.

So comfortable and easy to wear.
I am pleased to be proved wrong!

How do you feel about embroidered items?
Are you reluctant, like I was?
Or, are you already smitten?

Please share your thoughts on embroidery in the comments.
Or, contact me.
I love hearing your opinion!

SHIRT: Matalan
LEGGINGS: Pamela Mann
SHOES: French Sole
BAG: Primark
RINGS: Various bits and bobs!

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