Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn! | 7 favourite Summer looks, 2016.

As summer slips away, here in Scotland, now is the perfect time to think about favourite summer outfits…
These ‘picks’ are not based on post popularity, views or comments.
There are just the outfits I enjoyed wearing the most.
Please feel free to disagree with my choices!

1. Red knitted midi-dress and blue jacket.

In this post I talk about dressing “well” and why I think it really matters.
Why it is never too late to make the effort.
Why you are never too old to look nice.

The post is part-serious and part-fun, including 33 surprising things that happen when you start dressing up!

Do you think it’s important to dress nicely?

goodbye summer hello autumn

2. Silver tunic shirt.

In this post I am ‘dressing up’ with my two blogging friends, and we are styling the same item.
This silver/grey shirt has been halfway around the world!
Unfortunately, I really struggled to style it (see why in the original post).

The reason it is included here, in my top 7, is because I ended up loving this outfit, despite all of the challenges.
{Maybe these sandals helped a little?}

Let me know what you think of this shirt and how you would have worn it?

goodbye summer hello autumn

3. Yellow dress.

In this post I take on the challenge of wearing yellow.
It can be a VERY tricky colour to wear, and finding the right tone (for your skin colour) can be daunting.
I also included some interesting colour palettes, for more yellow combination inspiration.

Please let me know your thoughts on wearing yellow.
Thumbs up?
Or, a big “No!”?

goodbye summer hello autumn

4. Looking cool when it’s hot.

Being hot in Scotland is a very rare thing!
So, I was delighted to be able to write a post about 7 easy ways to stay cool, and keeping smart, in the heat.
Read the original post to find out my thoughts on linen and polyester!

What do you wear to stay smart, and feel cool, at work?

5. Summer Stripes.

I think this is my favourite summer outfit of all!
The sorbet colours are not normally my kind of thing, but they were perfect on the day… and it’s always a good idea to try new colours, isn’t it?

Plus, this kind of outfit is so comfortable.

Do you agree with me?

6. Blue and Red.

This post was all about feeling rubbish, and thinking that you have nothing to wear.
I managed to make ‘something out of nothing’ by wearing an old pair of PJ trousers, and turning this top back to front.
Bluffing my way to feeling great.
Faking being fabulous!

How do you fake it when you feel rubbish?

7. Green mini sundress.

This post was all about the Scottish heatwave.
{It was short-lived, but wonderful!}

In this post, I start thinking about wearing sundresses (over 40) and how they can easily look frumpy. I wondered if frumpiness was subjective?

What do you think makes an outfit frumpy?

Do you agree with my choices and my favourite (number 5)?
Did I miss anything?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Or, contact me.
I love hearing your opinion!

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